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3 steps to hearing success

We are your personal guides, leading you every step of the way to the hearing aid that is just right for you. Let our experts point you to the perfect hearing aid – one that fits your lifestyle and budget. At, better hearing only takes 3 easy steps:

1. Personal consultation

Man sitting on a desk
Man sitting on a desk

Your first step is to speak with one of our hearing aid experts over the phone. Simply fill out the consultation request form, or give us a call directly, and we would be happy to assist you. The consultation is absolutely free, unbiased, and without obligation. We will discuss your current hearing situation and provide you with expert advice on finding the right solution to your hearing loss. We will go over every bit of relevant information with you – hearing aid brands, models, prices, financing, insurance, etc.

2. Risk-free trial

man having a hearing aid fitted
man having a hearing aid fitted

Our hearing aid expert will look for the closest Partner Provider in your area and schedule your hearing test appointment. At your appointment, our Partner will evaluate your hearing, recommend a specific hearing aid model, and fit them to your individual needs. After you’ve been fitted with your new hearing aids, you will take home your new devices and begin your 30-day trial with a 100% money-back guarantee for the first 30-days. Test your hearing aids everywhere you go – at home with your family, at work with coworkers, or at the park with your grandchildren – and experience the difference in your everyday life.

3. Better hearing

ear close up
ear close up

During the trial period, you will have the opportunity to evaluate how much your hearing has improved since you started wearing hearing aids. If you love your new hearing aids – and we know you will – you can then just keep them. You will never be stuck with hearing aids you don’t like or don’t work for you – we guarantee it! We will help take care of any financing or insurance questions you may have so that you can continue to enjoy your renewed quality of life.

The advantages

the team
the team
    • Free consultation with a hearing aid expert
    • Unbiased, expert advice on hearing loss and hearing aids
    • Risk-free trial of the best hearing aids
    • 200+ Partner Providers across Canada
    • 92% hearing success rate
    • Financing and insurance options available
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