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by Kate McNamara | at 9:18 AM

Ever heard the saying, "good things come in small packages?"

Well, it's certainly true for the latest breakthrough in hearing tech: a device that packs an extraordinary amount of power into a truly tiny design.

Two years ago, our engineers unveiled the virtually invisible Horizon hearing aids and it quickly became a best-seller. Now, they're back with yet another innovation—Horizon AX—and experts are calling it the biggest upgrade in sound and speech clarity the industry has ever seen.

The big upgrade: Horizon AX has the world's first-ever dual processing system, meaning it has not one, but two state-of-the-art computer chips. And with double the power comes double the clarity…

Two separate processors, one virtually invisible device. At just 2.7cm, Horizon AX is easily the smallest, most advanced hearing aid on the market today. HORIZON BY HEAR.COM

Unlocking the power of two

Until now, hearing aids have relied on a single processor to perform their two most critical functions—noise reduction and speech clarity.

But what if two chips were involved? Two separate processors are able to capture speech and noise independently, then combine them to create an almost superhuman level of hearing in any situation.

What does this mean? Speech gets clearer and crisper than ever before. Conversation and listening become effortless. And because Horizon AX sits discreetly behind your ear, you won't see or feel your devices when you have them on. Instead, you'll feel confident, energized, and connected to the people, sounds, and world around you.

Virtually invisible, the Horizon AX sits comfortably behind your ear. In fact, many users say that people can't even tell they're wearing a hearing aid. HORIZON BY HEAR.COM

"The new gold standard" in hearing aids

Less than a year into this new release, the Horizon AX already has a 95% satisfaction rate among wearers. To put that into perspective, that's comparable to Apple's best-loved products.

Lead Audiologist, Dr. Emily Smith, explains: "We haven't seen an innovation like this in decades. The Horizon AX is the new gold standard for anyone who cares about speech clarity in conversation, especially in noisy environments."

"I encourage all of my patients to try these devices and experience the sound quality for themselves, because there's truly nothing like it." And with the 45-day trial and money-back guarantee, there's really no reason not to.

Here's how you can get started:

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  2. Step 2: After answering a few short questions, you will have the opportunity to secure a no-risk trial.

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The Horizon AX has quickly become the best-selling hearing aid at, with a remarkable 92% of customers opting for this device.

As of January 2023, has partnered with over 2,000 specialists to ensure it's available across the U.S.

It's really no surprise that this level of innovation is changing lives all over the world. People are experiencing the everyday benefits of this amazing device with's 45-day no-risk trial.

According to ranking sites and, Horizon hearing aids are the highest-rated in the U.S., both overall and in the category of rechargeable hearing aids.