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Taking clear sound and technology to the next level

Phonak has once again taken hearing technology to the next level with more powerful sound in two of its newest hearing aids. Phonak Audéo Lumity and Phonak Naída Paradise hearing aids drastically improve speech understanding and reduce your listening effort — the way hearing should be. All models in these lines of hearing aids solve for a range of hearing loss, from mild to profound, so there truly is a Phonak hearing aid for everyone.

The Lumity is available in a range of colors and three sleek behind-the-ear styles. The Naida comes in two behind-the-ear styles and offers a choice of eight colors. Both make it easy to get a personalized fit. All models come equipped with a variety of high-end features, such as speech enhancers, dynamic noise cancellation, Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeability, water resistance, health trackers, and much more.

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The Audeo Lumity comes equipped with Phonak SmartSpeech™ Technology, helping you to more easily understand speech in any environment, no matter how challenging. The Naida doesn’t disappoint when it comes to speech clarity, either. Designed with a speech enhancer, this hearing aid will respond perfectly to all conversations and situations you find yourself in.

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You were made to move and experience life to the fullest. That's why Naida hearing aids were made with motion sensors that adapt to you and your lifestyle, including challenging listening environments, one-on-one moments where speech focus is key, and all the hearable moments in between.

The biggest challenge with any hearing aid is speech understanding. But not with Lumity or Naida. Both SmartSpeech™ technology and the Speech Enhancer feature use an innovative operating system that can automatically sense your environment and then adapt to make your conversations clearer and more crisp. These hearing aids can even enhance speech coming through your TV.

If you need a little extra support in conversations or noisy environments, you can count on the Dynamic Noise Cancellation feature anywhere you are. Just use the Phonak smartphone app to decrease background noise to a personalized level of your choice.

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hear.com has partnered with Phonak to bring the best in hearing performance to you. You can now be one of the first to experience Lumity or Naida and the amazing technology. Sign up now to learn more about how we bring better hearing to you through the industry's best hearing care program. We offer lifelong support, convenient locations (you may not even have to leave your home!), and easy financing options if needed.

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