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AI technology delivers ultra-clear sound

Starkey has just released its most advanced hearing technology to date. By using the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve speech understanding and help you keep you with your health, Starkey Evolv AI hearing aids go far beyond just better hearing.

With six models and seven colors to choose from, you can easily find a style that fits your personality and lifestyle. You’ll thrive with features like Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeability, health tracking and fall alerts that use the power of artificial intelligence (AI), Edge mode that uses AI to enhance speech in challenging environments, 2-way audio that allows you to take calls directly into your hearing aids, and much more.

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Get ready to for effortless, natural sound

Starkey Evolv AI hearing aids make 55 million adjustments each hour, which means the technology works extremely hard for you 24/7 to adjust to every environment and deliver the most natural sound no matter where you are — all without you noticing a thing. Their advanced technology also promises less background noise for an all-around effortless hearing experience.

If you need a sound boost in conversations or noisy environments, you can count on the improved noise cancellation, which has been improved an additional 40% since the previous version. Just use the Thrive smartphone app to decrease background noise to a personalized level of your choice.

The biggest challenge with hearing loss and hearing aids is speech understanding. But with Evolv AI, speech is enhanced with AI technology, automatically sensing your environment and adapting to make all of your conversations more crisp and clear.

You also have control at your fingertips. You can easily and discreetly adjust your hearing aids with the Thrive Hearing Control app on your smartphone. You can change settings and the volume, create sound “memories” for places like home, work, restaurants, coffee shops, and keep track of your health activities. With AI-driven technology, Starkey Evolv AI hearing aids offer not only exceptional hearing, they take you on a journey to help you monitor and improve your overall health and wellness.

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hear.com has partnered with Starkey to bring the best in hearing performance to you. You can now be one of the first to experience the Evolv AI and its amazing technology. Sign up now to learn more about how we bring better hearing to you through the industry's best hearing care program. We offer lifelong support, convenient locations (you may not even have to leave your home!), and easy financing options if needed.

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