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As technology advances, hearing specialists say hearing aids will continue to get smaller and smarter than ever before! In fact, whether they sit inside or outside the ear, modern devices are virtually invisible. In addition to their tiny size, the newest hearing aids are very advanced, offering users many practical benefits like wireless connectivity via Bluetooth. But before we jump into the hearing aid innovations for 2018, let’s take a look at 2017’s contributions to the industry.

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The all-new Silk hearing aid

Signia Silk
Signia Silk

When asked what has been biggest innovation in 2017, founder and managing director of, Dr. Marco Vietor, said, “the new Signia Silk hearing aid.” According to Vietor, the Silk is the easiest hearing aid to use and the most comfortable. What is really innovative about this device is that it is ready to wear – no need to wait for ear impressions or molds. It has a soft silicone click sleeve that is available in three sizes, allowing it to fit in every size ear canal. The Silk, says Vietor, “does not need to be customized, making the process of getting hearing aids easier and more efficient.” This is great news for patients who are looking for the most discreet design, without having to wait on a custom-fitted product. You walk in the office, try on the Silk, and walk out with your new hearing aids.

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Wireless connectivity

Man wearing Bluetooth hearing aids
Man wearing Bluetooth hearing aids

Wearable technology is the latest trend. From Fitbits to wireless headphones – and now hearing aids – modern technology has become more stylish and practical. New hearing aid technology allows wearers to connect wirelessly to other Bluetooth-enabled devices. “This means,” according to Vietor, “you can turn your hearing aids into your personal earphones and stream music to them from your smartphone.” Vietor says that the future of wireless connectivity and hearing aids looks very bright. Many hearing aid manufacturers are beginning to integrate Bluetooth technology in their devices. And as hearing aids become more sophisticated, there will be more possibilities for wireless connectivity with different devices.

Hearing aid innovations for 2018

If you’re currently in the market for hearing aids, here are few things to look out for in 2018.

  • Easy to use: Manufacturers are constantly thinking of new ways to make hearing aids more user friendly and easy to adjust
  • Sleek designs: Not only are hearing aids getting smaller, they are also getting attractive designs.
  • More innovative features: “Ear-to-ear connection between your hearing aids,” says Vietor, “is still one of the most effective tools for better speech understanding in challenging situations.” According to Vietor, devices with this type of technology will be one of the “must-have” hearing aid innovations for 2018.

The innovators: The Opn and TeleCare

On the device level, the Oticon Opn is the biggest and most relevant innovation for 2018. Dr. Marco Vietor explains: “The Opn offers a very natural sound. The way it handles background noise and provides accurate directional amplification of sounds are both so smooth, users feel very enthusiastic about this hearing aid. The basis for these great features is a new and super-powerful chip inside the device. It performs such a high number of calculations per second that the accuracy of amplification is improved significantly. This chip is truly a game-changer.”

On the service level, the manufacturer Signia introduced a great service tool called TeleCare, which not only benefits the user but also the Partner Providers. Vietor believes that the biggest potential for 2018 is not the technology alone; it’s in the features – like TeleCare – that make it easier for hearing specialists and audiologists to provide better and more convenient service for their patients.

Finding the right hearing aid for you

People who are looking into hearing aids for the first time may be overwhelmed with the amount of information available on the Internet. However, the most important step to take when looking for a hearing loss solution is to seek the guidance of a professional. In his many years helping patients find the best hearing aid, Vietor notes: “It is important to evaluate the personal needs of every single patient. As a team of hearing experts, our job is to learn more about their individual hearing situation and their needs.” He continues, “Based on the information we are able to collect from the patient, we can point him or her to the best solution.” the leaders in hearing innovations

Currently, hearing aids are not one-size-fits-all. Therefore, the solution for one person might not be the same for another person. To get the best hearing aid, you need the guidance of hearing care professionals. At, you have access to the best Partner Providers in the country and the latest hearing aids for 2019. You can sign up for a risk-free trial of the newest hearing aids for 2019 and experience the benefits in your everyday life.

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