Oticon streamer

Oticon streamer

Connecting was never this easy

Hearing loss can make people feel quite lost and confused about what is going on around them. They miss out on the important sounds in life and can’t enjoy the things that they loved before. But, hearing aids can help people and ensure that they are able to enjoy their life to the fullest. Even with hearing aids, life can seem hard sometimes as it can be difficult to listen to music with headphones, answer phone calls hands-free or watch TV at a volume suitable for others. But, the Oticon Streamer part of their Connectline product range makes it easier than ever to love the things you do without the hassle.

Oticon streamer is a modern device that connects with your hearing aids wirelessly and streams your music, phone calls and TV shows directly into your earphones. So you don’t miss out on a single detail. The device automatically adjusts to the settings. It turns your hearing devices into wireless headsets.

Same Sound, Better Hearing

The Connectline has many different products in its range but the Oticon Streamer is an innovative and modern device that ensures care free hearing for the user. Many people worry that using a streamer affect the sound quality and cause a delay in transmission with the sounds. However, the Oticon streamer guarantees that there won’t be any delays meaning the sound signals would match the images for e.g. when watching a film, the dialogues would be completely in time with the movement. This provides a high quality listening experience for the user.

Oticon Streamer: How does it work?

It might be a technologically advanced device but it is simple to use. The device wirelessly connects to your hearing aids. It hangs around your neck and it has three simple buttons that make it easy for you to connect with other devices. The three buttons are for the core features of; TV, microphone and phone. There are also options to adjust volume to ensure the sound is personalised to you.


Other manufacturers such as Phonak, Signia and Starkey also sell streamers that pair with their devices. But the Oticon Streamer is really advanced with Oticon carrying out more and more research to create better products and trying to lead the market.

The Oticon Streamer has an 8-hour Battery life which is great for the day when you are at work or having a full day out with friends. You don’t have to miss out on anything no matter where you go. It has a user friendly design. What does that mean you ask? It means that the streamer is simple and easy to use with buttons that are easy to function and work with. Lastly, the three buttons ensure that the device is simple to use. Need to use the phone then press the phone icon and BOOM! Need to connect to the TV? Then press the TV icon and BOOM! So simple that anyone can use it.

Wireless hearing

The Oticon streamer can be used in an even more advanced way. I hear you ask the question; HOW? Oticon has a Connectline app that you can download on your phone to adjust the settings on your hearing aids and the streamer. Without touching your devices, you can adjust the settings so you can enjoy the cinema, a music festival or a simple phone call without the worry of having to constantly adjust your hearing aids or the streamer. The app is simple to use. With swipes and a few taps the settings can be adjusted and you can enjoy the environment you are in. The app is compatible with other Connectline products too. Hearing made so simple.

Hearing aids and Oticon Streamer

This device is the answer to all your problems when using hearing aids. But many people ask the question are all hearing aids compatible with the Oticon streamer. Not all hearing aids are compatible because the Oticon streamer connects with the hearing aids wirelessly. Therefore, you would need to get an Oticon wireless hearing aid to connect with the Streamer. You can ask your audiologist to recommend devices that would be compatible or you can call one of our professional consultants who can answer your questions.

Tinnitus and Oticon streamer

People with Tinnitus have to deal with a ringing or buzzing sound every day, this can be quite irritating and can affect the person’s performance at work, personal life and overall health. But the streamer makes it easier to deal with the issue. Audiologists and researchers have always recommended sound therapy to help with Tinnitus. Well, with the Oticon streamer you can play sounds directly into your ears via the hearing aids and this can help block out the buzzing or ringing sound. What this also means is that the user can play any sound from anywhere. This could be music from their phone, a sound from the TV or something they have saved on their computer. Enjoy all sounds without the stressful sounds of tinnitus.

Risk-free trial

hear.com can help you find the right device for you. If you have any questions or are interested in finding out more about the Oticon Streamer or the Oticon Connectline then don’t hesitate to contact us. Our specialist staff can help answer any questions and can even book an appointment with a professional Audiologist for you. Remember, our consultations are free and non-binding. So call us today and get more information.

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