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Oticon is one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Oticon has been pushing the boundaries of hearing aid design for over 100 years. And now, they offer these advanced hearing aid models on every continent. Their Acto collection is a major triumph, offering one of the best hearing loss solutions for active individuals.

Consistent, high-quality audio in any situation

As with all Oticon hearing aids, the Acto suite provides dependable audio performance in any environment. The integration of Binaural Synchronization ensures that an even, balanced signal reaches both ears, so that your all your conversations come out crystal clear. It’s Dynamic Feedback Cancellation gets rid of all that pesky feedback, which has plagued hearing aids for decades.

The Acto processors make real-time decisions regarding noise sources, instantly adjusting to focus on voices, while suppressing unwanted background noise. These advanced processing features work together to monitor your environment, changing as you move between different settings. This makes the Oticon Acto hearing aids ideal for anyone who frequents lively restaurants, business meetings, or movie theaters.

Different options to suit your needs

The advanced sound processing features of the Oticon Acto suite have been incorporated into a variety of different styles. Options include: Mini RITE, RITE, BTE, Mini BTE, CIC, ITC and ITE. For those who prefer a perfectly concealed device, the ITC, ITE or CIC options are virtually invisible to others, while the convenience of BTE and RITE variations make them extremely effective as well. Most versions are available at Standard, Medium or Power levels.

When you order your devices, your audiologist will recommend which setting best suits your type of hearing loss…and with so many different options, we guarantee there’s an Acto model to fit your needs!

A flexible collection with customizable features

The Oticon Acto suite of hearing aids are fully customizable. For example, Acto RITE devices come in various shapes and sizes, and custom molds can be created to ensure optimal comfort. Both BTE and RITE versions come in seven different colors – a nice touch for those who want a hearing aid to match their unique, personal style. Additionally, all Acto devices allow you to create different hearing programs, so you can configure your hearing aids for work, the gym, or lounging around the house.

Choose between the Acto and the Acto Pro

There are two versions of the Oticon Acto hearing aid: the standard Oticon Acto and the Acto Pro. The Acto Pro is an upgraded version of the standard model, with even more programmable settings, more power, multi-band adaptive directional microphones, and wind noise reduction.

Both versions of the Acto provide high level noise processing and great performance for active wearers. However, the Acto Pro may be a better fit for those with more severe hearing loss. Your audiologist will help you determine which version is right for you.

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If you need an accessible, highly functional, reliable hearing aid, the Oticon Acto is perfect for you. No matter which Opticon Acto version you choose, hear.com makes purchasing it easy! Simply fill out our online questionnaire and you’ll receive a free, personal phone consultation with one of our hearing aid experts. After that, we’ll schedule an appointment for you with your local Partner Provider to get fitted with an Acto hearing aid. After that, you’ll enjoy a 45 day risk-free trial period to wear, test, and fall in love with the Oticon Acto and your improved quality of life.

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