Oticon Agil Pro

Oticon Agil Pro

Oticon's top product

If you want to explore what the most up-to-date sound processing technology can do for your hearing, the Oticon Agil Pro Hearing aid is an option well worth considering. This advanced hearing aid was created by one of the most experienced manufacturers in the sector. Based in Denmark, Oticon has been introducing new hearing technologies since 1904, and they have forged a position as one of the finest research centers in the audiology world. Their hearing aids are packed with new systems and features, with an emphasis on sound (or signal) processing technology. They also pay close attention to making their hearing aids user-friendly, with handy charging functions and compact, attractive designs. That’s probably why they have expanded from Denmark to distribute devices like the Agil Pro all over the US.

Introducing the Oticon Agil Pro

The Oticon Agil Pro is an extension of the Agil range of hearing aids, with a few extra features added on top. It shares many core features with the Agil hearing aid, and has the same audience: people with moderate to severe hearing loss. You might call it a generalist device. Whatever your hearing situation is, there’s a good chance the Agil Pro will be able to help.

It also comes in a wide variety of forms. Unlike some alternatives, Oticon has released the Agil Pro as a CIC (completely-in-canal), ITC (in-the-canal), RITE (receiver-in-the-ear), standard BTE (behind-the-ear) and “mini” BTE hearing aid. The different versions have slightly different specifications, but all share the same high level of performance and compatibility with Oticon accessories. One big variation is obviously the size.

If you don’t mind sacrificing a little power, the miniBTE option will be as inconspicuous as hearing aids can come.

Spatial Sound processing technology

One of the most important innovations associated with the Agil Pro is the Spatial Sound 2.0. This is Oticon’s latest variation of its sound processing hardware, and it’s about as advanced as anything available on the market.

Featuring binaural processors and plenty of bandwidth, the Spatial Sound 2.0 is all about identifying relevant noise sources. By isolating these relevant sounds, the Agil Pro hearing aid can modulate its signal to deliver extremely natural-sounding speech, without any interference from irrelevant noise sources. At the same time, a system called SpeechGuard constantly checks ambient sound conditions, changing volume settings to help you understand conversations much more easily, even if words come thick and fast or the conversation becomes complex.

Put together, it’s a handy suite of technologies for people who love to socialize in bars or restaurants, and for professionals who have to understand clear speech and grasp concepts without asking for a second take every other sentence.

Pick the perfect version of the Agil Pro

As mentioned before, Oticon has released a range of different versions of the Agil Pro. All of them come with advanced binaural sound processing and SpeechGuard. Yet, there are differences between them that could directly impact your choice. For instance, the RTE model comes in three versions: Standard, Medium and Power. As you might have guessed, the Power option delivers more decibels, so it’s suitable for those with a greater degree of hearing loss.

The Standard option has a much longer battery life (although even the lowest battery life of the Agil Pro range is over 100 hours). If you’re looking for the best battery life and most powerful options, you’ll want to check out the BTE Agil Pro (which offers over 200 hours of usage on one charge). But watch out – Only the BTE and RITE versions come with a telecoil as part of the package, so if you rely on telecoil assistance, you’ll want to give them a second thought.

Oticon's accessories and apps

As with most leading premium hearing aid brands, Oticon has fully embraced smartphones and the world of apps, and the Agil Pro can be significantly enhanced by using their tools. For example, they have come up with the Oticon ON App which allows users to stream TV audio straight to their hearing aids, and to stream audio from phones and Bluetooth enabled digital devices with ease.

You can also use it to set up alerts when the Agil Pro is close to running out of battery life or trigger alerts for when people ring the front doorbell. All-in-all, it’s a comprehensive helper app for hearing aid users. It also works well with Oticon’s accessories range. They offer ConnectClips to turn hearing aids into headsets, TV streamers and remote controls, helping to put customers in control of their hearing aids and their environment. If you’re the kind of hearing aid user with an aptitude for tech, there’s a world of possibilities to discover.

Get ahold of the ideal Oticon Agil Pro model from hear.com

With all sorts of different sizes and formats, the Oticon Agil Pro is a really versatile hearing aid. Thanks to its advanced features, it’s the kind of premium product that will fit neatly into the lifestyles of active users. If you like the sound of its binaural processing, battery life, compact size and accessories, trying the Agil Pro is easy.

Just arrange a consultation with hear.com and choose a model, before attending a fitting with a local Partner Provider. If it works well, great. But if not, you can exchange it for something more suitable. In any case, we’ll find the perfect hearing aid for you in no time.

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