Natural Sound That Adapts to Your Style

When you think about which hearing aid you’re going to choose, do you often consider what it’ll look like and if it’ll fit your style? Does that sound like an unusual luxury for someone with hearing loss? It’s not! And with the Oticon Alta, you have more personalization options than ever. Choose the Alta and soon you’ll be pairing your hearing aid with your lifestyle!

Designed With You in Mind

No matter what your level of hearing impairment, the Alta’s award-winning design will fit comfortably and snugly. The shape of your ear is irrelevant as it is personalized to the contours of your head. Despite the outstanding feel and fit, you get to choose the level of visibility. There’s even a model that is contained entirely within your ear, no visibility whatsoever! No matter if you prefer to keep your aid as unnoticeable as possible or if you don’t mind some visibility, the Alta has EXACTLY what you need. There aren’t many tools we use on a daily basis that are customized to our preferences, especially one so essential. Expect to hear comments like, “What? You have a hearing aid?” or, “I LOVE your hearing aid! It’s so fun!” And why not? The Oticon designRITE specifications for the Alta give you freedom and flare! Choose orange or blue because it’s your favorite color and looks good with your eyes. Or choose a color to match your skin in order to render the Alta invisible to the naked eye. No matter what you decide, it’s all up to you!

Power and Control

The control you have over customization of the Alta is incredible, but there is great power backing this revolutionary device. This is a hearing aid for all levels of hearing loss. If you hearing loss is severe, the Plus Power model is for you. The same level of hearing is guaranteed for a variety of different hearing complications. From the last iteration of the Alta, there has been a 20% increase in its ability to pick up secondary sounds like whispers. So, you could be having a conversation in a group of people –some with severe hearing loss and some with only a minor impairment – and if one of them whispered to another, you would be able to pick up the sound!

You’re a Natural, Now Hear Like One

Everyone hears differently and as previously stated, there are many levels of hearing loss – the Alta has been designed to cater to a wide range. As impressive as that is, the ultimate goal and function of the Alta is to create “natural sound” for its users. It caters to your needs specifically in order to create an experience unique to you. From design to function, the goal is to help you live your best life. If you work in a business setting and only have a minor hearing loss, you may choose for the in-the-ear option. You will be able to function in your meetings like anyone with full hearing. If you’re an elementary school teacher or a volunteer who works with children and you have a more severe hearing loss, you may choose to go with a bright color so that your students ask questions and learn more about you. It could also help you hear the kids in the back row, chatting and off task! It’s your life, it’s your sound.

Make the Right Decision

There are several models with several different options. It can be difficult deciding which is right for you. The professionals at are here for you! They will discuss your options and help you decide whether you want to go all out on midnight blue or have a more discreet option. You’re not alone. It’s understandable that sometimes too much choice can be overwhelming. That’s why exists – to get you into the hearing aid your most comfortable with at the best price.

Call Now to Customize Your Hearing is ready and waiting to assist you! If you’re not satisfied with your choice, their team will work tirelessly to make sure you have exactly what you need. They are standing by, waiting to get you into an Oticon Alta now! Need financial assistance? No problem! Call or click the button below to try and qualify for a free 45 day risk-free trial.

Are you convinced by the Oticon Alta? Do not hesitate and try it now!