The Truly Invisible Hearing Aid

Imagine the time when people who needed to wear glasses could start using contact lenses. The transformation was amazing and widely popular. How much easier their lives got by using this replacement! Phonak Lyric has done something similar in the hearing aids industry. The Phonak Lyric hearing aid is a small, but a highly sophisticated device. The hearing device is placed directly in your ear canal by an audiologist and stays there for a period of three to four months. In this time the hearing aid is not taken out at any time. You can shower, go to your golf tournament and sleep with it without experiencing any discomfort in your ears. Audiologist call this an “IIC”, which stands for “invisible-in-canal.” This type of hearing aid first entered the market in 2012 and now all big manufacturers have at least one IIC model in their portfolio of devices. It was especially designed to be completely invisible and as such it is a success story through and through.

What is special about the lyric?

The Swiss company, which has over 60 years’ experience in manufacturing hearing aids, outdid itself with this advanced level technology; Phonak Lyric. As with most of Phonak’s inventions the true drivers behind this invention are the needs of the customers. And what do people want the most? Discretion when it comes to such an intimate topic like hearing aids and hearing loss.

The Phonak Lyric is completely invisible at all times. So even people with a highly active lifestyle can use hearing aids, without changing their day to day life. Because no matter what you do, the Lyric will do it with you and provide you with a clear and natural sound at all times. With its discreet and smart design, the hearing aid will lie deep within your ear canal and give you all the benefits of a premium hearing aid. The most important fact is that no one can see or say that you are in need of one. As it is inside your ear at all times, there is no feedback on the phone or with headphones. Hearing better couldn’t be easier.

The fitting

The Phonak Lyric is directly fitted by the audiologist. For the best result, the specialist measures if the ear canal is big enough for the hearing aid. If this is the case, the next step is to test which size fits your ear the best. As the device stays in your ear for a couple of months, the right size is a crucial part of the fitting. When all of the measurements are done, the hearing aid is produced especially for you. This can take some time but it is important the measurements are right for your ear. When the perfect fit for your ear is done, the audiologist will place it inside, close to your eardrum. It will be fitted in the ear for a period of around 4 months or more. To ensure you feel no pain during the fitting and the wearing period, it is important that you find a qualified hearing specialist. We have a nationwide network of the best audiologists and we can help you to find the best one in your area.

Lyric and Batteries

The revolutionary system does not need a battery change throughout the whole 4-month period you are wearing them. It is simply removed at the end of the time period and replaced with a new one. No changing or recharging of batteries is required during the time of use. So you are completely free of all the hassle with taking your hearing aid out, changing batteries and putting it in again. All of these things are done by the audiologist before putting the device inside your ears. This device is perfect for people with limited dexterity as they don’t have to handle or fit small batteries.


Do you have tinnitus? Well, fear no more. First studies in this field show good results for the use of the Phonak Lyric with people having tinnitus issues. As it is not removed during any part of your day, it proves especially efficient in the moments when tinnitus hits the hardest, in the night time. When you go to sleep the hearing aid stays in the ear and can therefore help you to manage the noises at any time, no matter where you are. This helps a lot with the noises and provides people with tinnitus with a new found freedom of choice. Be it the shower, the restaurant or the cinema, professional help with your tinnitus can be provided at all times and in all places.

Who can use the Phonak Lyric?

As with most technology there are still some limitations. You can get the Phonak hearing aid if your hearing loss is mild to medium. For severe cases the sound enhancement is not strong enough. Another limitation is that it goes completely inside your ear canal, so it is of great importance that the canal is wide enough for it and that you have no contact allergies with the materials used. The most important factor is the price of course. Just like the latest IPhone or TV set costs more due to its new technology and added functionalities, the Phonak Lyric also costs more as it is a revolution in the hearing aid industry. But, with the technological advances, even the behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids are the size of a coffee bean. We offer discreet solutions for every price range. So do not hesitate to contact us and discuss your personal solutions available for you. hearing experts

Are you experiencing problems with speech intelligibility and want to clearly hear your family and friends again? Then contact us! Our hearing aid experts will gladly advise you and assist you in finding the most suitable hearing aids. Simply give us a call. Our service is free of charge and without obligation. If you wish, we can support you on your path to improved hearing and set up an appointment with a hearing aid provider near you.

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