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Choosing Hearing Aids

Before making an investment in hearing aids, it is important to research the best manufacturers and brands. Hearing aids must offer unparalleled sound quality as well as have durable construction. Hearing aids must work well in a variety of settings, such as restaurants, parks, and museums. They must maintain optimal performance over time, withstanding sweat, humidity, and dirt. For these reasons, it is important to look for a reputable brand with a long history of making quality hearing aids.

Rexton – a brand to trust

Rexton is one of the most trusted brands in the hearing aid industry. Rexton hearing aids are made by Signia, one of the leading manufacturers of hearing aids. For the past century, the company has researched, developed and produced top of the line hearing aids. It has been at the forefront of research and development. A list of firsts includes:

  • The first BTE (behind-the-ear) hearing aid
  • The first integrated Bluetooth hearing aid
  • The first waterproof, dustproof and shockproof hearing aids

Rexton offers a variety of hearing aid types such as the Essential, Tru Core and Quad Core hearing aids. Rexton hearing aids fit people with various levels of hearing loss and offer diverse features to match your lifestyle needs. When selecting a type of hearing aid from the Rexton hearing aids lineup, it is important to first understand your needs. By understanding when and where you need to amplify sounds, you will have a better understanding of which hearing aids are best for you.

Rexton hearing aids meet your needs

All Rexton hearing aids are built with advanced technology to provide quality sound reception. Both in-the-ear and behind-the-ear hearing aids recognize the speaker while simultaneously reducing background noise. You can have clear, crisp conversations no matter where you are. Some models offer more advanced options such as the Revert Reducer, which lessens the impact of reverberation to improve sound quality. Some hearing aids connect to Bluetooth devices through a streamer accessory while others are directly compatible with Bluetooth devices. Read below to discover how the technological advances of Rexton hearing aids improve your hearing and quality of life!

Conversations in quiet settings

Rexton hearing aids can be programmed to amplify the sounds you need most during quiet, one-on-one conversations. Different programs can be set if you need to amplify high-pitched voices, such as women’s and children’s voices, or low-pitched voices. Most people need to amplify higher frequencies.

Usually, a hearing aid works extremely well in quiet settings, but sometimes people speak too softly, causing hearing aids to whistle. This sound can be very annoying and will stop a conversation immediately. A person must adjust the settings or turn off the hearing aid altogether to stop the whistling. Fortunately, Rexton hearing aids offer feedback prevention so whistling does not happen. Rexton’s technology prevents issues so you can have clear conversations with the people you love the most.

Conversations in noisy settings

Directional microphone
In life, you are going to be in noisy settings. Whether you are attending your granddaughter’s graduation party or your friend’s birthday party, hearing in noisy settings can be very difficult. To improve speech recognition, Rexton hearing aids come with directional microphones. These microphones pick up sounds from the person talking in front of you, and then the hearing aids amplify the speaker’s words. You can hear all the details of your best friends’ story about her grandchildren’s educational successes with Rexton hearing.

Digital Noise Reduction Technology
Rexton did not stop with directional microphones and speech amplification. To make sure you have great conversations in noisy settings Rexton hearing aids have digital noise reduction technology. This feature lowers the intensity of background noises happening all around you. Some Rexton hearing aids offer 40 channel settings to reduce background noise. The number of channels is dependent on the cost of Rexton hearing aids. More expensive hearing aids offer more channels.

An active lifestyle

Moisture resistant
Rexton hearing aids are built to resist moisture and sweat. Whether you enjoy an active lifestyle running or walking around the neighborhood or reading on the beach during the hot summer months, your Rexton hearing aids are resistant to moisture and sweat. Some of the Rexton models have one of the highest independently rated scores for moisture and sweat resistance.

Battery life
If you are going to wear your hearing aids for a long time each day, it is best to have hearing aids with excellent and/or rechargeable battery life. Some Rexton hearing aids have rechargeable batteries. Instead of replacing the hearing aid batteries every week, the rechargeable batteries only need to be replaced once or twice a year. Rexton offers the smart power charger, which charges and dries the hearing aid batteries. The charging station is a portable device that is easy to put in your hand bag and bring with you on day trips or longer trips.

Additional Accessories
Rexton offers a few Bluetooth accessories and remote controls to make your life more convenient and give you greater control over your hearing aids. The accessories include:

  • Bluetooth remote: This remote controls the connection between your mobile phone (iPhone or Android) and Rexton hearing aids. It sends the speaker’s words to both hearing aids, instead of one. This gives you a better listening experience. This remote also streams from your TV and music players directly to your hearing aids. The remote is small and easily worn and hidden under your clothes or keep in your pocket or hand bag. It gives you freedom and control over the volume and other settings of your hearing aids.
  • Speech connect: This is a wireless microphone that loved ones can use to transmit their words directly to your hearing aids. The hearing aids then amplify their words so you can hear them well.
  • Smart key: The smart key is a remote for controlling the volume and program settings of your hearing aids. It is the size of a car remote.
  • Smart remote: This remote controls the volume and other program settings. It has a display screen for easy viewing. The Partner Audiologist from
    m will teach you how to use the accessories. You could also use the Rexton hearing aid manual for a refresher on using the Smart Remote and other accessories.
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Rexton hearing aids

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Rexton hearing aids
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