A hero in hearing aids

A personal story of hearing aid success


Ronald Barmes is a United States Marine Corps Veteran and a County Court Supervisor. He shared his hearing aid success story because he felt so much joy when he began hearing well again. Antoinette Symonette, who is Ronald’s Hearing Success Coach at hear.com, stated, “I can feel his happiness. It’s infectious.” Take an insider’s look at Ronald’s life before and after hearing aids and hearing aids service from hear.com. You can’t help but smile at his happiness!

Ronald’s story:
“Antoinette, I really enjoyed our phone conversation yesterday. As I explained to you on the phone, people are just excited as you that my hearing has improved. All the time people say how excited they are for me and how wonderful it is that I can be a part of the conversation and not have to ask people to repeat themselves.

There will never be anyone more excited than myself. I have struggled for years with my hearing loss and have fought many battles and lost. I am a Marine Corp Veteran and I have fought for the last five years with the Veteran’s Association to try and get help for my hearing loss as that is where I think it started. At every turn in the road, I have run into some type of road block. They said I didn’t provide enough information; I was not entitled; I have a job with insurance so I don’t qualify for benefits; and I am classified at the lowest qualification and that does not cover hearing aids.

My personal and professional life has suffered drastically because of hearing loss and the inability to get hearing aids. I have struggled at work with trying to have conversations with coworkers, bosses, judges and other officials. I have had to work twice as hard to advance my career with my hearing loss. My co-workers were very understanding people who worked with me to overcome this issue. I came up with many different solutions to compensate for my hearing loss in my professional life. Nonetheless, I have sat through many meetings and only come away with half of the conservation.

My personal life has been practically placed on hold. I would not put myself in a situation where I would need to have quiet conversations with people because I could not understand what they were saying. Since finding hear.com and with your assistance, my life has changed in so many ways. I am not struggling at work. I can have conversations with people and totally understand what they are saying and even be a part of the conversation. I can work in a courtroom setting and totally hear what is being said and ordered by the judge now. I can go to an appointment and really hear what is being said. I can watch TV with other people and totally hear it without blasting them out of the room.

So, EXCITED is not even close to saying how I feel. You are my hero and I want to thank you and hear.com for everything. Please keep up the great job you are doing and assisting people with improving their hearing.”

At hear.com, we couldn’t be happier for Ronald and the pro-active steps he took to find a solution for hearing loss. Ronald serves as an inspiration to the countless people experiencing hearing loss – finding the right hearing aids and hearing aid service can turn your life around!

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We at hear.com deliver quality hearing aid service by focusing on the needs of our customers. Our hearing experts create a profile of a person’s hearing while delivering expert information about the latest, most discreet hearing aids. Before, during and after the hearing aid fitting, people connect with knowledgeable experts. By providing support and expert advice from start to finish, we ensure people get the most benefits and joy out of their new hearing aids.

At hear.com, changing lives through great hearing is our mission! We look forward to providing thorough, supportive, and knowledgeable hearing aid service and enhancing people’s quality of life!

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