Signia Ace: the smallest RIC

The Ace is the smallest receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid, allowing you to hear well again without having to worry about cosmetics. The small casing sits discreetly behind your ears, while a small, transparent tube leads the receiver to your ear canal, delivering sound straight into your ears. As both a discreet and high-performing hearing aid, the Ace is ideal for both new and experienced hearing aid users.

In brief:

  • touchControl option: Ace can be discreetly controlled via the touchControl App.
  • Directional microphones: Help understanding in demanding listening environments by focusing on sound from the front while reducing noise from other directions.
  • External receiver: With a choice of power levels, Ace is flexible to match your needs now and in the future.
  • Tinnitus therapy feature: A personalized sound signal helps to distract you from your tinnitus and may help to provide relief.
  • Push button: For manual program adjustments.
  • Battery compartment: Lets you easily turn your instrument on and off.

BestSound™ Technology

Of course, looks aren’t everything. The Ace, like the rest of the newest Signia line, is equipped with the latest version of BestSound™ technology. This feature is a revolution in audiological engineering that delivers a perfect balance of rich, natural sound quality and audibility. Distracting background noises are suppressed and conversations are heightened, so that not only your hearing is improved, but also your understanding.

IP67 Standard for Resistance

In addition to being highly advanced and discreet, the Ace is also sturdy: it is built according to IP67 standards, so it’s resistant to moisture, sweat, dust, and dirt. This important feature helps your hearing aids last for years, which is why the entire Signia hearing aid line is built to IP67 standards. You can live life the way you normally do without fear of damaging your hearing aids.

Wireless Connectivity

All the Ace models can be controlled remotely with the touchControl App™. This removes the need for having an extra remote control device to adjust volumes or settings, since it can be done with your smartphone instead. With the possibility of wireless communication, the Ace can also connect to your TV and computer to stream content directly to the hearing aids.

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