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The German company Sivantos is a global engineering and technology giant well-known for installing power grids and IT systems. In addition, it has also been one of the world’s leading suppliers of hearing aids and other auditory equipment. For years, Sivantos has been a major hearing aid manufacturer, and its hearing loss technologies continue to evolve. These technologies are among the most advanced around and include the new platform Xperience – one of the most effective binaural hearing systems available. The brand offers a wide range of options that incorporate Xperience for those who suffer from impaired hearing, with devices for every situation and varying price points. If you are wondering which Signia device to choose, this guide will introduce a few of the company’s leading products.

Signia Sirion


The Sirion is another popular Signia BTE or custom-fitted hearing aid which focuses on durability and connectivity. As with the Orion, each Sirion hearing aid includes nanocoated directional microphones to screen peripheral noise and Optivent technology, which makes them as comfortable to wear as possible. The microphones are designed to screen out background noise, increasing the clarity of speech or music, and feedback cancellation improves the listening experience as well. Sirion hearing aids are intended to serve as entry-level devices, and were aimed at those with mild to severe levels of hearing loss. They also come in a variety of fittings, allowing users to find a type which suits their needs. In the ear (ITE) options include models designed to fit in the outer ear, partially inside the ear canal, or completely inside the ear canal, while BTE options come in three separate power ratings, depending on the level of hearing loss involved. Again, as with the Signia Orion range, Sirion hearing aids can connect to the remote control devices, enabling you to change your settings discreetly whenever the need arises.

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Signia Intuis


A BTE, ITE and CIC hearing aid, the Intuis is an entry-level device that is intended to be an affordable, straightforward option for everyday use. With this product, Signia has focused on ease of use and durability, creating a strong casing and a clear button layout, while keeping excess functions to a minimum. As with all Signia hearing aids, the Intuis collection features noise reduction and directional microphones to focus on important noise sources and blank out distractions. Additionally, different amplification levels can be selected depending on your degree of hearing loss. T-coils come with most Signia Intuis hearing aids, making telephone conversations easier. The battery compartment can be locked securely and is completely tamper-proof. Thanks to their ergonomic, vented design, they maximize comfort as well. With this range of features and their accessible design, Intuis models are popular devices for people who are new to wearing hearing aids and anyone who desires something durable, comfortable and easy to use.

Signia Orion

Focusing on providing a customized fit for each individual patient, and featuring a robust casing that can handle moisture, heat, and dirt, the Orion is one of the brand’s most popular hearing aid options. This BTE or custom-fitted hearing aid is suitable for a wide range of hearing loss levels, from mild to severe, and includes a variety of features to assist users. For instance, Xperience-equipped directional microphones allow wearers to focus on noises in front of them, instead of being distracted by peripheral sounds. Microphones are also ‘nanocoated’ with a special membrane to extend their lifetime. The Orion comes in five main varieties: the RIC, S, M, P, and SP. The RIC is the least complex of the five, simply including a battery compartment and push button to operate, and interfaces become more complex as you go up the scale. However, each Orion hearing aid includes Optivent technology, which ensures a comfortable fit. Every model in the Orion line also features Bluetooth connectivity, letting users link their hearing aids to the Signia EasyPocket – a small remote control with which you can adjust the settings of the hearing aid, achieving the ideal balance.

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