We believe hearing should be as natural as possible for hearing aid wearers. Signia is making this possible with its innovative hearing solutions designed to satisfy the needs of our customers.

The new Signia primax is clinically proven to reduce listening effort in challenging listening environments, such as busy restaurants, subways, and family reunions.* In other words, the hearing aids do the all the work for you, making it less tiring to hear. These advanced hearing aids are also capable of effectively reducing background noise while amplifying the main source of speech automatically.

What does this all mean? It means you can enjoy conversations, hobbies, and other events without the added stress of not being able to hear in those situations.

The new Signia product family

The right one for everyone – the new primax technology is available for all models and in different performance levels.

Your advantages with Signia


SpeechMaster recognizes the speaker's voice and enhances it above others while suppressing unwanted background noise. This allows for effortless speech understanding.


EchoShield reduces the effects of reverberation in hallways, offices, or larger spaces, so that sounds are crisp and clear. Thus, conversations in restaurants or family gatherings is something to look forward to.

Smart programs:

Smart programs like TwinPhone, HD music, and wireless CROS/BiCROS enable communication between your hearing aids and smartphone, TV, or stereo. Talking on the phone and listening to music have never been so easy.

Our guarantees:

*Hearing Review, April 2016: Littmann, Beilin, Froehlich et. al.

Overview of hearing aid manufacturers: