The ability to hear allows us to communicate. The quality-oriented German brand Siemens has been developing technological and high-quality hearing systems for over 130 years. In more than 100 countries across the globe, Siemens helps people return to active participation in life. As one of the largest and most innovative hearing aid brands, Siemens frequently paves the way in developments and technologies. Leading the innovations of the industry

Once you lose your capacity to hear, you lose your capacity to communicate. Many people are unaware that impaired hearing has extensive consequences. Hearing impairment reduces your ability to focus on important sounds and voices. Modern hearing aids by German high tech brand Siemens do this for you. By tuning the setting, you can amplify the sounds and voices you want to hear while disruptive ambient noises are suppressed and you gain maximum comprehension.

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Hearing loss and Siemens

Hearing loss is a common issue and Siemens' products have been trying to provide innovative solutions for customers for years. The wide range of devices offer solutions for every person with hearing loss. From BTE (Behind-the-ear) to ITE (In-the-ear), Siemens' products have it all covered. When innovation is mentioned in this industry, their waterproof hearing aid definitely deserves a mention. One of the first waterproof hearing aids that can be worn while showering, swimming or just in the rain without it getting damaged. Siemen’s Aquaris started a revolution for others to follow

At the same time, they dampen disruptive ambient noise, so that you can obtain maximum comprehension. Due to BestSound™ technology developed, the innovative hearing aids process a perfect balance between natural sound and speech intelligibility. Through outstanding development work in microphone technology, the Siemens hearing aids also convey an impressive, three-dimensional tapestry of sounds. The two worn hearing aids intercommunicate and their directional microphones are able to localize sources of sound in the room and appropriately amplify them via the loudspeakers in the ear. Siemens' devices has simplified hearing for people with hearing impairment for more than 130 years.

Siemens Pure 7bx

The vast experience producing hearing aids is reflected in the company’s model series. Siemens Pure micon is a high-performance hearing aid with numerous functions and accessories yet slim, discreet design. The Siemens Aquaris is a particularly robust hearing aid with special nano-coating making it resistant to dust and water. Eliminating such hearing aid care allows even more freedom in your everyday routine. A day at the beach, an oil change in the garage or weekend gardening - no longer pose a problem.

News around Siemens Hearing Aids

Siemens Hearing Aids

On the occasion of the EUHA 2015, the biggest hearing aid exhibition within Europe, several Siemens devices were presented among othersthe newest developed hearing aids in accordance to its already proved binax-Chip-platform. Due to the technology of specific directional microphones an exchange of audio signals between two hearing aids is enabled in order to ensure a natural hearing experience. The basis for this binaural hearing is created due to the e2e wireless 3.0 system, an advancement of the hearing system technology, which got awarded the future award in Germany in 2012. Furthermore, binax hearing aids such as the Pure binax are characterized by their ability to efficiently reduce disturbing background and wind noises. As a result, the Siemens binax-Chip was able to develop a solution that merges finest technology with a small and almost invisible design profiting from a surprisingly low power consumption.

Besides, there have been changes in the basis segment too. Hearing aids such as the “Orion2”, “Sirion2” and “Intuis2” are presenting comfortably good value for money and middle price class, which selectively convince the user of functions such as smartphone compatibility and fine resolution up to 16 channels.

Learn more about the Siemens Ace Binax.

Learn more about the Siemens Insio, the invisible hearing aid.

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Try the new Siemens primax technology

Siemens Primax silk

Virtually invisible design meets the most advanced technology! Both the in-the-ear and behind-the-ear models are clinically proven to reduce listening effort. With the Siemens primax technology, you can enjoy better hearing in every situation.

Customer voices

“As a wife, mother and grandmother, I find it important to understand my loved ones easily. During family celebrations or while walking through the nearby park, I don’t want to strain to understand those around me. My new Siemens hearing aids do it for me. They filter out what I need to understand and what not. I want to listen to my husband on our walks, not the construction site.

My Siemens hearing aids emphasize speech and suppress disruptive background noises. They have given me a quite new feeling for life. I can now hear my grandchildren well and play with them. It is great they are so small, one can hardly see them. With a small remote control, I can make phone calls and the sound goes directly into the hearing aids. That’s fantastic. I can change the hearing aid settings with it and much more. Siemens hearing aids have given me back a great quality of life. My family is happy too, they have a lively and happy grandmother, mother and wife back.”

Customer Voices Siemens
Emily R. - Mother
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Modern connectivity options through easyTek

The new Siemens connectivity device easyTek provides simple operation of the new Pure binax and Carat binax hearing aids wirelessly connect them to TV, telephones, Bluetooth-capable MP3 players and many other devices. Sound is transmitted via Bluetooth®. Volume, programs and audio sources can be controlled with an iOS and Android app. The numerous connectivity options are ideal additions to your binax hearing aids, creating pure hearing enjoyment.

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