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Signia is one of the most respected names in the hearing aid sector, and their Carat series is another triumph in their history of innovation. For those who aren’t familiar with their work, Signia is a subsidiary of the Sivantos Group, which is part of the Siemens family of companies. Active for more than 130 years in the audiology market, Siemens introduced the first behind-the-ear hearing aids (BTE) in the late 1950s, followed by the first inside-the-ear devices (ITE) a few years later.

Signia emerged as the group’s major hearing aid provider in a 2016 rebranding, and they haven’t looked back since. In its short lifetime, Signia has introduced a string of path-breaking hearing aids such as the Ace and Pure, as well as accessories and apps. Seeking to recreate the sensation of natural hearing as much as scientifically possible, their devices are at the top end of the market thanks to their technical features and reliability. Let’s find out how the Carat series fit into this picture and see what it can do for you.

A powerful way to restore your hearing

The first remark to be made about the Signia Carat hearing aid range is its size. The Carat has been specifically designed to be as compact as possible. With a tiny receiver-in-canal (RIC) design, Carat devices will barely be noticeable when you wear them, so they are ideal for people who avoid hearing aids for cosmetic reasons.

However, unlike some previous compact RIC hearing aids, the Carat doesn’t sacrifice size for power to any extent. That’s the other major selling point of the Carat collection. The small processing unit provides optimal amplification of whatever sounds need to be handled, and the battery pack provides a high degree of charge.

What’s more, the batteries are totally rechargeable, so there’s no need to carry around spare batteries or spend extra on replacements. It all adds up to a level of convenience which far exceeds older hearing aids – and sums up Signia’s approach to innovation.

Creating natural sounds

Another strong point of the Carat range is common to most Signia hearing aids: the ability to turn ambient noises into audible signals without creating unnatural noises and unpleasant audio effects. As anyone who has already used hearing aids will agree, the quality of the sound produced varies, and can be very off-putting when sound quality doesn’t measure up.

That’s less of a problem with the Signia Carat range, which has advanced features to naturalize sounds and recreate the sensation of your original hearing. The SpeechMaster tool included with each Carat hearing aid continuously monitors conversations and ambient noise, focusing on important voices such as conversation, while filtering out extraneous sounds and chatter.

The result is that speech becomes much clearer and users experience less strain when conversing over long periods. Instead of having to concentrate hard to understand your interlocutor, with a Signia Carat hearing aid, your conversations can become as effortless as they used to be – a major benefit for almost all hearing loss sufferers.

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Optimized for the needs of everyday life

Other features of the Signia Carat hearing aid reflect the requirements of everyday users. Signia has worked hard to come up with a suite of technologies that reflect the changing needs of users, including special features for smartphone users.

For instance, if you use two Carat hearing aids, the TwinPhone system transmits phone signals between the two processing units in a crystal-clear way. The hearing aid is also well equipped with wireless capabilities, thanks to e2e wireless 3.0. This doesn’t just allow two Carats to communicate and optimize sound processing, it also hooks up with Signia’s streaming accessories to put all kinds of devices within the reach of the Carat’s processor.

The most important is probably EasyTek. Worn around the neck of the user, EasyTek acts as a Bluetooth coordinator, taking in streams from devices like TVs, home cinema systems, stereos, radios or phones, and beaming them directly to your hearing aid. It also acts as a remote control, giving you even more control over the volume of your Carat hearing aid, or you could use the EasyTek app on your smartphone to achieve the same result. The Carat provides an impressive variety of add-ons to handle all of your everyday sound processing needs, such as Signia’s TV transmitters and handheld voice microphones.

A hearing aid for active people

With its convenience and capabilities, the Signia Carat delivers on almost every level. While it’s definitely a model pitched at a general audience, it’s particularly suited to people who need an inconspicuous, convenient and powerful hearing aid for professional life. If you have to listen to sales pitches and presentations or you rely on the ability to hear every word at business lunches, the Carat won’t let you down. But it’s also worth noting the device’s more specialized functions.

For example, the Carat incorporates a customizable tinnitus therapy function with five static noise settings and four “ocean noise” settings. So if you are experiencing chronic tinnitus, it could be even more effective. Finally, the Carat is also ideal for regular travelers. Thanks to its reliability and long-life rechargeable battery, it won’t leave you struggling to hear airplane movies or presentations in foreign offices.

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