A compact design and revolutionary charging technology

The Signia Cellion is one of the most convenient receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aids ever designed, allowing users complete freedom to organize their lives without worrying about keeping their device charged and fully-functional. The core of the Cellion design is a lithium-ion based inductive charging module, which provides two days of charge (when fully loaded), and doesn’t require users to plug the unit into standard sockets. This intelligent charging system is made possible and complemented by a stylish one-piece casing, which uses the same principles as cutting-edge smartphones to make using the Cellion as hassle-free as a hearing aid can be. But let’s look under the cover in a bit more detail to find out more about what this advanced hearing aid has to offer.

A hearing aid that does away with batteries

In the past, devices like hearing aids, portable music players, and phones have been plagued by the need to keep their batteries fully charged, compromising their ability to be truly mobile tools. Now, inductive charging technology is doing away with batteries, allowing manufacturers like Signia to remove them entirely – radically reducing the weight of their products in the process.

All users need to do is to place the Signia Cellion in the charging rack that is supplied with the hearing aid. The charger will replenish the device’s power, with no battery exchanging and removal required. The good thing is that this convenient charging system doesn’t compromise on charging duration. Signia promises 2 days of audio streaming on a single charge – double the amount offered by many similar inductive charging models.

Fast charging is also available, providing seven hours’ worth of streaming with just 30 minutes of charge.

Conversation-focused audio management

The Signia Cellion isn’t just notable for its charging technology. Signia has also worked on the audio focusing technology included with the device, making it easier to zero in on conversations. In environments where ambient noise is an issue, the Cellion will automatically focus its attention on whoever the user is talking to, blanking out noises that aren’t relevant, and enabling the conversation to continue.
So, whether you’re in a busy office where noise flows everywhere, or you’re at a business lunch at a bustling restaurant, you can give your friends and colleagues the utmost attention. This also combines with VoiceLink, a handheld microphone which can be handed to conversation partners, amplifying their voice and streaming it to the Cellion hearing aid. Put them together, and you shouldn’t miss any vital information.

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Harness easyTek to connect the Cellion

Another feature of Cellion hearing aids (and Signia products in general) is the way they connect to easyTek. If you don’t already know, easyTek is a wearable accessory made by Signia which is generally worn around the neck. It links up to Cellion hearing aids via wireless technology, allowing the user to sync up their device with easyTek-enabled TVs, music players, and telephones.

It streams content from these devices in full stereo quality directly to the Cellion’s speakers, and can be customized completely depending on your personal needs. With easyTek and Cellion combined, you can switch between conversations and music tracks, and use your smartphone (via the easyTek app) as a remote to change your hearing aid’s settings. Basically, it makes juggling social life, work, and entertainment much easier.

Key features

As well as easyTek and its inductive charging capabilities, Signa Cellion hearing aids have plenty of other innovative features. For one, they use e2e wireless 3.0 to stream audio and connect to easyTek. TwinPhone transmits phone signals directly between a pair of Cellion units, making conversations smoother, while an embedded T-coil streams external audio in crystal clarity.
The casing is IP-68 rated, providing effective protection against moisture, dust, and sweat. The device has a push button to carry out simple adjustments, and you can even switch between different colored casings if you desire. Perhaps most importantly, there’s the Cellion’s MiniReceiver 2.0. Fitting neatly into the ear, it comes in four different power settings (S, M, H, and HP).

The right Signia Cellion for your needs

The Signia Cellion comes in a range of different models, with three performance levels for customers to choose from: 3px, 5px, and 7px. The 7px is the most advanced model, offering greater signal processing and gain, more HD music settings, and more precise directionality when detecting speech. However, all Cellion hearing aids provide effective noise management and inductive charging.

The device you choose will depend on your own personal hearing needs, with the 7px catering to those with more serious hearing loss, and the 3px suitable for moderate levels of hearing impairment. Consult your hear.com hearing expert, and they will help to establish which level of hearing aid is appropriate for you.

Then, if convenience and performance matter, have a look at the Signia Cellion range. You might like what you see.

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Tiny, simple to fit, comfortable, and well connected to all forms of digital electronics, the Signia Cellion is a highly advanced option for people in need of hearing aid. Contact us to speak with one of our hearing experts, and find out whether the Cellion is right for you.

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