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Signia’s Motion line of hearing aids is designed for those who experience severe or moderate degrees of hearing loss, but live active lifestyles and want to continue to do so for a long time. Optimized for use in social settings with high ambient noise, they are ideally suited to people who love to be with friends or need sensitive, reliable hearing aids for work meetings and general conversations. As with all Signia devices, they are engineered to a high-quality level, and they are packed with advanced features. Let’s find out more and see whether they are the right solution to your hearing loss.

Signia Motion


The Motion collection has different models. Firstly, the Motion is worth considering if you want a compact, lightweight hearing aid that performs well in loud social contexts.
The SP is mainly designed for people who are at the severe end of the hearing loss spectrum, so it’s not intended to be an entry-level option. Instead, it’s suited for people who feel their hearing is deteriorating and requires a more advanced solution, so they can continue to work and socialize normally.
The P is just as small and unobtrusive, and will suit those experiencing a less severe hearing loss, while the SX and SA are behind-the-ear models which specialize in binaural and directional hearing.
Finally, there’s the Motion S, the smallest of all, which has a special focus on comfort. Thus, if you want a device that fits great and is hardly noticeable behind your ear, this is the perfect choice.

Advanced hearing technology

All of these Motion models from Signia have one thing in common: they pack a huge amount of advanced technology into compact shells.

SpeechMaster is at the heart of each hearing aid, and offers a revolutionary filtering system, keeping irrelevant noise to its minimum, while highlighting speech. Using binax and micon technology, SpeechMaster allows hearing aids to home-in on speakers with impressive accuracy, resulting in a less stressful, easier listening experience.

Signia’s Motion hearing aids also use the touchControl app, which converts Android or iOS-based smartphones into remote controls to change the settings on the hearing aid.
They hook up with Signia’s EasyTek controls, which makes it easy to stream content from TV, radio, laptops, and other digital devices.

Some models come with the ThinTube attachment, which reduces their size and weight (ask for specific versions if that’s a major requirement for you).

There’s a range of different power options as well, including battery compartments and rechargeable models. The best option is to conduct a search and discuss with one of’s hearing experts which model provides the features you need. Keep in mind that whichever model you choose, you can expect reliability, excellent connectivity and high-quality audio performance.

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Signia's Motion 13 X and 13P X

When it comes to cutting-edge modern design, the Motion 13 X is another excellent choice from Signia’s advanced line of hearing aids. In this case, the Motion 13 X is optimized for digital streaming and will fit into the lifestyle of anyone who loves music, cinema or TV.

Thanks to the Bluetooth-enabled myControl app and the Ultra HD e2e streaming, this hearing device delivers crystal clear audio. But the Motion 13 X isn’t purely about streaming. It also boasts advanced speech balancing functions, ensuring that the wearer’s voice harmonizes with ambient noises, delivering authentic speech and making conversations easy to handle. Furthermore, it’s also well set up for those experiencing tinnitus, due to its integrated Notch technology.

Signia has developed a handy support service, helping users to find the perfect settings for their individual needs. Thanks to the TeleCare 3.0 interface, wearers can instantly contact a support team member who can remotely tune the 13 X and even schedule video consultations to iron out any major concerns.

Finally, Signia has also made available a version for profound hearing loss – the Motion 13P X, which comes with additional power along with all the features already mentioned above.

The perfect Signia hearing aid for your own lifestyle


Signia’s Motion collection is a versatile line of hearing devices which will work well for busy professionals and demanding music lovers alike. However, as you may have noticed, it’s a diverse line so it’s important to pick the right hearing aid for your specific needs.

If you’re looking for clear conversations and value natural speech above all else, the X (short for Signia’s new Xperience platform) models will serve you well. But they come with a slightly higher price tag. For others, the company’s primax models will do just fine.

You can pick an ultra-light model like the S, or one for very severe hearing loss like the SP. And remember, various behind-the-ear and in-the-ear options are available, so take time to determine which kind of hearing aid you will be most comfortable with.

A great way to start is by arranging a consultation with one of’s partner providers. Just sign up for a risk-free trial and schedule a call, where we can discuss your all the hearing aid options and general information. Every Motion device from Signia is available, and with a 45-day free trial period, you can find one that matches your requirements to perfection.

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