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Signia Styletto: Performance Meets Portability and Style

Meet the new behind-the-ear hearing aid that’s transforming the future of modern hearing aid design. Powered by Signia Nx, the Styletto is a revolution in hearing aid technology and performance. Designed for the active lifestyle, the Styletto combines elegance, convenience, and functionality to deliver a high-quality hearing experience without compromising style.

Unlike any hearing aid you’ve seen before, this surprisingly slim device leverages modern battery charging technology inside a compact form factor to deliver a solution that looks more like a sleek Bluetooth earpiece than a hearing aid. This is truly a hearing aid that looks as good as it performs.

In Brief

✓ Stylish and discreet behind-the-ear (BTE) design

✓ Up to 19 hours of continuous hearing:
Portable charging case for up to 4 days of on-the-go hearing
30-minute fast charge for 5 additional hours of use

✓ World’s first SLIM-RIC (Slim Lithium Ion Module Receiver-in-canal) hearing aid

✓ Energy efficient, rechargeable Li-ion battery

✓ Own Voice Processing (OVP™) for natural own-voice sound

✓ Ultra HD e2e® binaural link providing:
Clear speech understanding even in loud settings
Enhanced spatial awareness
Extended dynamic range

✓ Moisture and dust resistance for the active lifestyle

Revolution in Design

The Signia Styletto is revolutionizing traditional hearing aid design. By combining advanced signal processing electronics and rechargeable technology with pin-shaped Li-ion (lithium-ion) rechargeable batteries, the Styletto is a new paradigm shift in hearing aid solutions. Through a new form factor Signia calls “SLIM-RIC” (Slim Lithium Ion Module Receiver-in-canal), high-quality hearing never looked so good.

Although the Styletto may look small, it still delivers big results, with sound quality comparable to other products on the market. With an Ultra HD e2e® binaural link, hear speech clearly even in loud settings, increase spatial awareness, and extend your dynamic range. And since the Styletto is powered by Signia Nx technology, you’ll experience clear and natural sound in every situation.

Batteries Not Required

Charging on the go is easy and convenient. There’s no need to always be near a power source when the power is in your pocket. And since you charge the Styletto rather than replace the battery, you’ll never need to buy a hearing aid battery again.

Designed specifically for customers with active lifestyles, the Styletto delivers up to 19 hours of continuous hearing. Combined with the portable charging case, which looks similar to modern earbud cases, you can enjoy up to 4 days of use. You can even place the Styletto in the case for 30 minutes for an extra 5 hours of additional use.

Uncompromising Performance

Whether you’re in your home or out with friends, the Styletto’s Own Voice Processing (OVP™) technology allows you to hear every voice clearly. From live music to intimate conversations, enjoy superior sound quality and a true-to-life listening experience. And since the Styletto is moisture and dust resistant, it meets the demands of your active lifestyle.

Bluetooth Wireless Streaming with Signia Styletto Connect 7NX

If you’re looking for a hearing aid that is compatible with your Apple smartphone, then look no further than the Styletto Connect. Offering all the same great features and stylish design as the standard Styletto, the Connect gives you the added benefit of Bluetooth streaming. This direct connectivity to your smartphones allows for phone call and audio streaming. In addition, the StreamLine TV accessory feeds high-quality audio from your TV directly into your hearing aids.

Uniquely You

Your hearing aid doesn’t have to be one design fits all. The Signia Styletto lets you choose your own individual style. With three different color combinations available, break away from the norm and choose a look that’s uniquely you. With Styletto, you’re not only getting the best in technology and performance—you’re also making a fashion statement.

Take Control with the touchControl App and miniPocket Remote

Controlling your Styletto is just a fingertip away. Simply use the touchControl app on your smartphone or the miniPocket remote to adjust your settings to fit your surroundings. There’s no need to reach behind your ear to make volume adjustments. Just pull the miniPocket remote from your pocket and discreetly make the adjustments you need.

Our Hearing Experts are Here to Help

No matter the degree of hearing loss you’re experiencing, you can enjoy exceptional quality hearing without compromising style. Contact us today to speak with one of our hearing experts and to find out if the Signia Styletto is right for you. Simply call us or click the “Get started” button below to see if you qualify for a 45-day risk-free trial.

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