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Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. All our services focus on your individual needs. We listen to what you have to say and guide you along the path to better hearing. With the help of hear.com, thousands of happy customers are enjoying the sounds of everyday life once again.

Abdul Rahman Rama Abdullah

Abdul Rahman Rama Abdullah (48)

“They are really serious about solving your hearing problems!! I was having problems participating in various meetings (at work and between friends and family) as I was unable to hear clearly what was being spoken. After visiting my EnT specialist and upon completing the Audio test, I was informed that I needed to use a hearing aid. I was searching for a hearing aid supplier and after reading their write-ups and testimonials, I decided to contact hear.com. I was particularly surprised with the way this product was being marketed in Malaysia and since this was something new, I decided to try it out. True to what has been mentioned in the website, the level of professionalism of their staff who really took the effort to understand my problem and finding a workable solution was excellent. I was particularly satisfied with their patience by answering all my questions and advising me on how the product works etc. Hear.com provided me with an excellent solution to my hearing problem.”


Solmi Binti Osman (55)

“The best! I felt like a new person now and my family are happy with hearing aids too, because they don’t have to repeat while talking to me. I can even hear my daughter talking to me while she is upstairs in her bedroom. I would say it is worth buying ….and i would 100% recommended for those who are still scepticles about hearing aids.”

Rick Dahari

Rick Dahari (50)

“Less pressured, convenient environment! I like the fact that I can try for free for 7 days and make adjustments during the online sessions with the experts. My hearing has improved tremendously. The Krispy sound from the McDonalds wrappers and the soothing flowing water sounds are simply magic. However trying to focus conversation in a noisy environment is still quite a struggle. May still need some adjustments.”

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