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You have recently realized, after constant nagging from your husband or the children, that you have hearing loss. Finally, you decided to buy hearing aids to improve your quality of life. But when you looked on the internet, there were hundreds of options – from digital to analog hearing aids and as many prices. Now, you are confused. Fortunately, this guide will provide some answers about hearing aids and how to purchase the right device for your ear.

What are the different types of hearing aids?

As the number of cases of hearing loss increases, the options for hearing aids keep increasing. New devices come out every year. The first step in making a purchase is to understand the different types of hearing aids available on the market. Let’s break this down:



Behind the ear – These devices are small and sit comfortably behind the ear. They are small enough to not be completely visible but big enough for people with limited dexterity. BTEs are suitable for individuals with any level of hearing loss, making them a popular choice.
A professional can help you decide which is the best one for you.



In the ear – Small hearing aids that can be completely invisible and fit in the ear canal. People with dexterity issues struggle with the devices, therefore, audiologists recommend other devices for them. These devices are suitable for all levels of hearing loss. Devices that come under this umbrella could be completely in canal also known as CIC.



Completely in the canal – This device sits comfortably inside the canal and is nearly invisible. However, these devices are suitable only for certain ear shapes.

Brands of hearing aids

Now that you understand the styles available you may ask the big question: What brand of hearing aids should I buy? There are many manufacturers out there and they all offer top of the range hearing technology that will help you with hearing loss or help alleviate problems such as tinnitus. As you can see there are many different manufacturers in the hearing aid market and they all offer several different devices in varying price ranges and for various levels of loss. Buy hearing aids that your audiologist recommends and that feel comfortable based on your situation.

Phonak – life is on

Logo Phonak
Logo Phonak

Phonak is a big name in the world of hearing aids. The company offers digital devices that help people with all levels of loss. Phonak provides additional accessories that can help improve your quality of life. The device you choose is based on your level of loss, the audiologist’s recommendation and price of the hearing aids. Since Phonak accommodates for all budgets, this brand is a popular choice.

ReSound – rediscover hearing


ReSound is an established brand providing innovative hearing solutions. The company provides support for all levels of hearing problems. ReSound has premium to basic technology. The better the device, the more functionalities and the more support they will provide. The more expensive devices can be connected wirelessly to external audio services such as TVs and radios.

Can I buy my hearing aids online?

You have made the big decision of investing in hearing aids but you realize that you can buy hearing devices from eBay or Amazon at a competitive price. This can be extremely tempting and a mistake many people make. Hearing aids are medical devices and it is important to consult an audiologist so they can conduct a hearing test to assess your needs and recommend a device that is the right fit for you. Buying a device online could lead to low quality aids that don’t help you in any way.

Just like you wouldn’t start using medications without a consultation with the doctor, it is important you don’t purchase a device without speaking to an audiologist. Hearing aids aren’t standalone devices that come ready for use. They need fine tuning and settings might need to be adjusted for them to be suitable fit for you. So take the big step and go to an audiologist who will go through the process with you.

Hearing test and what to expect?

You listened to the advice and are not sure where to book a test. Well, one of our consultants would be happy to help answer any of your questions and book you a test with one of our knowledgeable audiologists.

An audiologist is like any other doctor and they help you and provide an effective solution. They will start off asking some general questions to get an understanding of what you are struggling with and try and assess whether you have issues such as excessive earwax, tinnitus or you are suffering from ear pain or sudden hearing loss. For the latter two issues, you would need to go to an ENT specialist (ear, nose, throat specialist), who focuses on solving such issues.

Once the audiologist has a good idea about your current situation then the test will be conducted. This will include your ears getting exposed to different sound levels to see which ones you can hear and which ones you struggle with. This will help them assess the level of loss. This will also help the audiologist recommend devices that would most help you. The process is quite simple and if you have any questions or concerns then they will be answered at your consultation appointment.

A good practice would be to try the online hearing test to get an idea of what the real test will be like. The test will also give you an idea about your level of loss. It is a good starting point and, if you have any questions, our consultants can answer them. good practice would be to try the online hearing test to get an idea of what the real test will be like. The test will also give you an idea about your level of loss. It is a good starting point and, if you have any questions, our consultants can answer them.

Why can’t I adjust to my hearing aids?

You bought the devices and got them fitted but you just can’t adjust to them. This is a common issue with new users. This is because you have something extra in your ear and you are now hearing things that you weren’t able to hear before. Your ear can struggle with the changes and the new sounds can also be overwhelming and tiring for the brain. The most important thing to remember is that the more you wear them, the more comfortable they will become.

Other problems that some people complain about are:

My hearing device whistles.
This problem most likely happens when the devices can’t function due to excessive earwax or to being exposed to ear fluids. You might need to go back to your audiologist to get them checked and get them fine-tuned. Usually, this service is free.

My phone causes interference with the hearing aids.
To prevent this problem, you should take your phone to your fitting appointment to make sure that the phone doesn’t cause interference with the devices. If it does, then you might need to purchase a different device.

The care guide

Remember the time you bought that new phone or that expensive necklace and you looked after it more than anything. Well, the same rule applies here. This is a long-term investment and a proper care regime will ensure you can extend the life of your new aids. Following this mini guide could be useful:

  • Your device needs to be kept dry at all times as fluids can ruin the aids completely
  • Regularly clean the device as shown by your hearing aid provider
  • Turn them off when they are not in use
  • Batteries and other accessories can be bought online. You might get some free batteries when you buy hearing aids

These little tips ensure that your device keeps performing well and you don’t need to go back and get them checked all the time.

This guide aims to make the buying process simpler and answer some of the most common questions that arise when people think about investing in hearing devices. Since hearing aids are an investment, it is essential that you understand the products being offered and how to find the best device for you.

If you still have any questions, then call us for a free consultation with one of our hearing experts.

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