Hearing aid accessories

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Help for improved hearing

Once hearing impairment has occurred, the consequences need to be considered. Modern hearing aids ensure that people with extensive hearing loss are able to adequately hear again. Hearing systems today are far more than “mere” devices that increase hearing capacity; they are more like small high-performance computers with cutting-edge technology.

Therefore, it is important to take good care of your hearing aids in order to reduce the risk of damaging them. Almost 75% of all damage to hearing aids is created by moisture and cerumen (ear wax). However, this can be easily prevented with proper care.

Learn about what hearing aid accessories are available to prevent the aforementioned damages, what they are used for, and what basic equipment is required. Our hearing aid experts can also provide you with information on hearing aids and accessories during a personal telephone consultation.

High-tech hearing aids

Hearing aids offers far more than simple routine support for people with impaired hearing. High-tech hearing aids not only simplify life with a healthy hearing system, but actually upgrade it. Modern hearing aids have proved that the era of bulky, impractical hearing aids reduced to their functional benefits is over. For instance, with the use of an appropriate receiver, hearing aids are now Bluetooth-enabled. Simply connect it to a stereo system, TV, radio, computer or smartphone, and take advantage of the wireless multimedia world – with the help of today’s advanced hearing aids. A remote control is also very useful to increase or reduce the volume of your hearing aid. Among the newest hearing aids, the “remote control” can even be an App on your smartphone.

From cerumen filters to drying boxes

We love to accessorize our iPhones, Androids, and other gadgets – the same applies to hearing aids. With regard to care, there is a large selection of products that can keep your devices clean and in good working order. From a complete set to individual accessories, the right maintenance supplies are available for every wearer. There are, for example, special removal brushes and hooks to remove ear wax, making accurate and careful cleaning possible. The auditory canal stick can be used to remove any dirt or debris from the hearing aid. A cerumen filter allows you to control the degree of cerumen and dirt that can potentially clog your devices. This is particularly important because dirt can block the hearing aid’s audio emission and damage it as a result. Should your own hearing aids be exposed to moisture (e.g. condensation or perspiration), we generally would not recommend improper drying – the technology is too sensitive. A drying box should be used instead.

Individual hearing aid accessories from various manufacturers

Every one of the top hearing aid manufacturers generally offer a wide range of accessories for their hearing aids. The assortment ranges from wireless microphones, battery loading stations, battery compartment openers, battery replacement magnets, all the way to telephones specially tailored to the requirements of hearing aid wearers. With the additional hearing aid accessories, you can individualize your own hearing experience even further and adapt them to your personal requirements.

A very special hearing experience is offered by the ReSound LiNX, the first hearing aid that can be directly connected with your iPhone, iPad or iPod. This allows you to stream music, movies, or calls directly to your own hearing system – without the need of any additional devices.

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