Do affordable
hearing aids exist?

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Cheap hearing aids and where to find them?

Hearing aids come in all shapes, sizes, styles and most importantly for all prices. From basic to premium, digital to manual, there are hearing aids to meet all needs and requirements. There are different features that can change the price of a device. An audiologist can help you identify which hearing aid is suitable for you and your level of hearing loss.

Many people often talk about cheap hearing aids and often question as to where they can buy them from. But, what you need to remember is that buying hearing aids from the internet for RM20 is not the way to better hearing. Such devices probably won’t work or will just amplify the sounds rather than helping you with improving your hearing. There is no such thing as a “cheap hearing aid”, just like it’s important to spend a bit of money to get a good quality phone, in the same way it’s important to invest in good hearing aids. They are long lasting medical aids and therefore worth the investment. An important thing to remember is that an investment in good set of hearing aids is nothing without a qualified audiologist. From Lazada hearing aids to Phonak devices, all require an audiologist to fine-tune them for you and your individual needs.

Cheap v/s Affordable

Cheap and affordable are two different terms. However, when it comes to hearing aids many people confuse them to be the same. Cheap hearing aids are devices that will be pretty low priced but they won’t help you in anyway and won’t be effective. Whereas, affordable hearing aids are devices that people can buy based on their budget and they will help with some, if not all hearing issues. Many people buy lower priced hearing amplifiers to start off with to ease them into wearing hearing aids before they make the big investment. Hearing aids can last from 3-6 years so it is a long term investment.

I can’t afford hearing aids!

With more and more hearing aids technology being produced every year, affordable hearing aids couldn’t be easier to find. The hearing industry has many competitor manufacturers and their competition means low cost hearing aids for you. First step is to go to an audiologist and get your ears tested and then tell them your price range and they will be able to advise you on hearing aids that fit your price range. If you are not sure which audiologist to go to then you can call and speak to our professional consultants who can help you with the process and book an appointment for you.

Hearing amplifiers or hearing aids?

Now the question arises that should I go for hearing amplifiers or hearing aids. It’s important to understand the difference between the two. Hearing amplifiers; just amplify all the sounds around you to make it easier for you to hear. Mainly recommended to help your ears get used to having a hearing device. Hearing aids; help you by adjusting settings depending on your environments and make it easier to understand who is talking and where the sound is coming from. Getting used to hearing aids can be hard as your ears are exposed to new sounds.

Ask yourself:

  • Is price a main factor? – if price is an important factor and you have a low budget then it might be better for you to go for amplifiers as they are lower priced devices and still help with your hearing loss. Hearing aids can be a bit pricier due to their extra features and functionalities.
  • Have you worn hearing aids before? If you have never worn hearing aids before then it might be better to start off with amplifiers to help ease your ears into wearing them. Hearing aids require a lot of getting used to so people like to getting a more affordable device before making the big investment.
  • Do you have extra requirements? – such as do you suffer from Tinnitus or a big music/phone lover? If you answered yes, then it might be better to get hearing aids as they come with the features to help with extra requirements. Hearing aids can come with Tinnitus maskers that can help mask the ringing sound with other sounds that can be soothing. Premium hearing aids can be used with phones via an app or Bluetooth to ensure that you have more control and still enjoy your favourite songs and apps.

Still unsure about what might be right for you then, speak to one of our consultants and they can help answer any questions you might have.

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