Hearing aids

Man wearing ITE hearing aids

Hearing aids amplifiers

Hearing aids amplifiers amplify all the sounds around a person, making it easier for a person to hear and understand their environment. However, amplifiers don’t differentiate between the sounds in the environment and people talking, this means it doesn’t help improve hearing as much but does aid the person hear the surroundings clearer. For e.g. the wearer would be able to hear the TV without having to constantly increase volume but other sounds in the room would be amplified too.

Hearing amplifiers are recommended for first time wearers, this is because your ears need time to get used to the new devices and hearing amplifiers ease people into getting used to the new sounds without the person suffering from other health problems such as severe headaches or your ear getting too uncomfortable.

Hearing aids

Hearing aids are more complex devices that help improve the wearer’s hearing. They don’t just amplify sounds but help differentiate between people’s voices and environmental sounds. Also, hearing aids help with sound directionality and their settings can be changed depending on the environment. For e.g. the wearer can adjust the setting when they are in a noisy restaurant and change it again when they are just relaxing in their room. However, hearing aids require a lot of getting used to as people are getting exposed to new sounds that they haven’t heard for a long time. The new settings require a little adjustments and many people go back to their audiologists for fine-tuning to get the right fit.

Many first time wearers can feel overwhelmed and suffer from other health issues such as headaches and uncomfortable ears while they get used to the devices. But, once the devices are comfortable, they can be much more useful than amplifiers and make hearing better for the wearer.

Why buy the hearing aids amplifier?

The biggest question now is why buy the amplifier when the hearing aids are much better and will help improve hearing? Well as it was mentioned above that hearing aid amplifiers are easier to get used to so first time users could start off with them. They also help people get an idea of how comfortable their ears will be and sounds they will be exposed to. However, one of the main reasons people go for amplifiers over hearing aids is the price.

Hearing aids amplifiers cost a lot less than a pair of hearing aids. Many people who are struggling to buy hearing aids will invest in hearing amplifiers until they can afford the hearing aids. However, hearing amplifiers are only suitable for people with mild hearing loss due to their simple system. So, people with severe loss would need to make the investment as amplification isn’t going to help them enough.

However, before making any decisions it would be better to consult an audiologist who could go through the options with you and explain in detail about which device is suitable for you.

Buying hearing aids amplifiers online

Buying the devices online seems like an easy and accessible options preferred by many people but it might not be the best step for all devices.

There’s good news for the hearing aids amplifier buyers. Amplifiers can be bought online as they are simple devices that don’t need adjustments or fine-tuning. They are available from different manufacturers and you can easily check reviews for hearing aid amplifiers and get the necessary information before the purchase. However, it is important that you consult an audiologist to see whether the amplifiers are the right option for your level of hearing loss.

When purchasing the devices, you need to check that it’s a new, good quality device. Used hearing amplifiers can do more harm than good as they can cause ear infections as bacteria will be passed from one person to another. Research properly before you buy.

Buying hearing aids online

Hearing aids shouldn’t be bought online as they are more complex medical devices with many different styles and manufacturers. As they are not stand-alone devices like the amplifiers, they need to be fine-tuned and adjusted to your individual needs. Therefore, it is important you buy through your audiologist. Hearing aids bought online can be used and not in good working condition meaning you would spend more money rather than save money by buying online. Hearing aids are high cost devices but if you are on a limited budget, it would be better to speak to your audiologist and discuss cheaper hearing aid options rather than buying a cheap hearing aid online.

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