10 Things you
didn’t know
about hearing aids

Today, wearing hearing aids and experiencing clear conversations is as simple as wearing contact lenses. The technology of modern hearing aids makes hearing easy! Hearing aids pick up and amplify the frequencies you are missing – and ensure you hear all the parts of a conversation! These small technological wonders are located almost invisibly in or behind your ears. Read below for 10 more surprising facts about hearing aids!

1. Hearing aids are only a few millimeters long
Honey, I have shrunk the hearing aid! Modern hearing aids are almost as small as coffee beans. Thanks to their small size, hearing aids are either barely noticeable or invisible to others.

2. Hearing aids do not just amplify sounds
Modern hearing aids are calibrated to receive and amplify the frequencies you no longer hear. For example, if you do not hear certain high frequencies, the hearing aids only amplify those sounds. What’s more? Digital hearing aids deliver sound in a vibrant and natural way. This is especially important for having crystal clear conversations.

3. There are over 2,000 hearing aid models available in the market
hear.com works with the top eight manufacturers of hearing aids, ensuring you can choose from the most advanced hearing aids of this year. We offer different models to suit your lifestyle and budget.

4. Hearing aids are high-performance computers
Digital hearing aids are technological miracles. With a processing system just a few millimeters long, hearing aids perform remarkably well. A microchip processes all sounds in real time and plays them in the appropriate amplification level in your ear. The left and right hearing aids communicate with each other and allow you to hear in a natural way. In addition, hearing aids can be controlled by a remote control or sometimes even by a smartphone. These controllers are quite practical and discreet.

5. With hearing aids, you can hear in all directions
Hearing aids are built with directional microphones to detect all ambient noises and automatically filter them for important sounds. Therefore, you can understand your conversation partner well in noisy scenes – whether he is sitting next to you in the car or in a busy cafe.

6. Hearing aids are Bluetooth® compatible
Connect your Bluetooth® devices such as cell phones, mp3 players, televisions, and computers to your hearing aids! You could sit back, relax and watch your favorite TV show as the sound streams directly into your ears.

7. Hearing aids detect your listening environment and adjust accordingly
Modern hearing aids have an automatic situation detection feature. They detect whether you are in a noisy or quiet environment, whether you are talking to one or more people, and whether you want to listen to music or natural sounds. Some hearing aids even recognize through the GPS of your smartphone whether you are in a restaurant, in a cinema or at home. In accordance with the respective situation, annoying background noises are faded out and the conversation is intensified, so you can understand well.

8. Many celebrities wear hearing aids
You probably did not notice, but many celebrities wear hearing aids. There are many musicians with hearing aids such as U2 frontman Bono, Eric Clapton and Phil Collins. Also, Oscar prizewinners Christoph Waltz, Robert Redford and Jodie Foster as well as fashion designer Wolfgang Joop wear hearing aids. Thanks to the hearing aids they are still performing.

9. Some hearing aids are rechargeable
Instead of having to change the hearing aid battery every week or every few days, you could choose to purchase a rechargeable hearing aid and easily recharge your hearing aids while you sleep each night. Rechargeable hearings aids are durable, convenient, and easy to use!

10. Hearing aids help you improve relationships
Hearing loss problems apply everywhere: socialize with friends in-person or by phone can become more difficult, TV viewing can become infuriating as shows that become a mess of noises. Hearing aids will help you understand and communicate better with friends and family and strengthen these relations.

Are you experiencing hearing loss and would like to try hearing aids?