David Hasselhoff
& hear.com

The Hoff & hear.com: A Dynamic Duo

Miami, January 23rd, David Hasselhoff and hear.com announced their collaboration. After 40 years as a successful actor and singer, David is now ready to embark on a new and exciting adventure. His mission? To help change lives with hear.com, the largest online hearing care provider.

David Hasselhoff
David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff is internationally recognized for his roles as a lifeguard from Malibu, a crime fighter with a high-tech talking car, and his unforgettable appearance at the Berlin Wall on NYE 1989. He is also the most-watched star in TV history and even made it into the Guinness Book of World Records. And now, “The Hoff” has a new vision: together with hear.com, he would like to eliminate the misconceptions many people have about hearing aids.

“My favorite sound is when I heard my baby cry for the first time.” – David Hasselhoff.

Without a doubt, our best memories are connected to particular sounds. However, when hearing loss is present, those memorable sounds become hard to hear. David Hasselhoff, along with hear.com, are here to help people enjoy the everyday sounds they cherish the most. Their goal is to demonstrate how easy and beneficial it is to treat hearing loss with hear.com’s comprehensive process.

Better hearing = strength and confidence

Many people feel a special connection to David Hasselhoff’s fictional characters. What these characters all have in common are strength and confidence—two qualities people develop after they have treated their hearing loss. With this new-found strength and confidence, thanks to better hearing, life is more enjoyable!

Together with hear.com, David Hasselhoff will raise awareness of the importance of addressing hearing loss sooner rather than later. This dynamic duo will help people who are hard of hearing become the best version of themselves—real-life superhe(a)roes! In the Hoff’s own words, “hear.com is a place where people can go to for all their hearing needs. They can feel comfortable speaking to their experts about their situation. Best of all, their devices are not only state-of-the-art but also virtually invisible.”

A shared love of technology

“I support hear.com because I know that my hearing will probably eventually need to be repaired”, David said in a recent interview. Amazed by the power and size of the latest hearing aids, he went on to add, “hear.com has the most advanced technology in hearing care today.”

Although hearing aids can’t talk to you (yet!), the innovative technology in these tiny devices is just as incredible as a talking car from the future. Anyone with hearing loss should have the opportunity to experience the power, clarity, and comfort of today’s most advanced hearing aids.

Therefore, David Hasselhoff and hear.com want to make sure no one gets left behind. Modern hearing aid technology is the best and most reliable sidekick for those who have difficulties understanding speech in noisy environments.Technology lovers will be amazed by these unbelievably small, yet highly sophisticated, hearing aids.

A superhe(a)ro collaboration

Hear.com spokesperson, Hendrik Oellers, is thrilled to announce this collaboration that will make a difference in people’s lives! Oellers adds, “David Hasselhoff is not just a great actor and singer, he’s also a wonderful person. We are beyond excited about working together to make an impact in our customers’ lives. David’s passion and drive in everything he does complements what hear.com stands for: simply good hearing. In addition, he embodies the strength and confidence we want our customers to feel when they begin their journey towards better hearing.”