Are your neighbors more generous than you?

Miami, September 19th. Based on data collected by on more than 320,000 Americans, the hearing aid company looked at people searching for hearing aids. They were asked who they were looking for, themselves or others.

★ “small-town hospitality”? U.S. states with higher population and larger cities seem to be kinder than less populated states.
★ Across the entire United States, women seem to care more about communication with their loved ones than men.
★ Democratic or Republican voting states, which political party contains the most caring Americans? It’s a toss-up!

Is small town hospitality still a thing?

The town of Lost Springs, Wyoming is home to four people. Yes, four. Wyoming’s total population is 6.8% of New York City’s. New York City has over 8 million inhabitants and not the best reputation when it comes to kindness.

New York is the second most generous state in the U.S. when it comes to taking care of the someone else’s hearing (13.30%), and thus seeking to improve communication with them. California is third with 12.60%. And Wyoming came in dead last, with only 6.10% of people looking to improve someone else’s hearing. It seems the sheer amount of kind people in one place may be more significant than that small-town atmosphere.

What about the battle of the sexes?

Women in every single one of the U.S. states beat out the men. Overall in the USA, when women are looking for hearing aids, they do it for a loved one 14.8% of the time, versus 8.9% for men. Most of the time, their percentages doubled the men, and this was true in the most caring (17.6% of women vs 10.6% of men in Mississippi) AND the least caring states (13% of women and 5.6% of men in South Dakota). This battle of the sexes has been won and conclusively.


Let’s get political!

Which of the two parties is represented by an endearing electorate? Looking at the electoral map after the 2016 presidential election, the answer is about as divided as the country.

Generous states: 6 Democrats, 4 Republican
Least generous states: 6 Republicans, 3 Democrats, and Maine. Maine was split for both parties.

The data doesn’t support a clear conclusion either way. No matter what political party is supported, there seems to be a need to improve a loved one’s hearing. Or maybe people simply want to make sure they can properly argue about the elections at the next family dinner?