hear.com Referral Program

hear.com will run a referral program that allows anyone to refer their friends and family to hear.com. In this program:

A “Referred” is any person who completes a call with a hear.com customer consultant that has not previously had a call with a hear.com customer consultant.

A “Referrer” is any person who refers a Referred person by sharing that person’s name and contact details with hear.com via SMS.

For every Referred person that completes a call with a customer consultant, the Referrer will be awarded $10 for his or her first 10 Referred people (up to $100) (the “Award”). Participants must be in the US. hear.com reserves the right to disqualify a Referrer in light of evidence of abuse.

Who Can Participate and When
Both the Referrer and the Referred must be over the age of 18, and have citizenship and/or lawful permanent residence in the United States.

The award will be available for Referrer when Referred completes call with customer consultant prior to June 15, 2017, subject to extension by hear.com in its sole discretion.

How You Receive Your Award
Once a Referred person completes his/her customer consultant call, the Referrer will become eligible to receive their $10 reward. The $10 will be sent via Amazon gift card to the email address provided by Referrer in a reasonable time after hear.com verifies that the Referred person has completed his/her call with customer consultant. Referral rewards are paid only to Amazon accounts. If your Amazon account is under a different name, you will need to contact hear.com to update your email preferences.

This offer is void where prohibited by law, and hear.com reserves the right to refuse payments that are considered or may be considered illegal in any jurisdiction. hear.com may discontinue the program at any time.