10 things that will surprise you
about hearing aids

Today, wearing hearing aids to hear better and experience clear conversations is as common as people who wear glasses or contact lenses to see better. And they’ve come a long way from just five years ago. Here are 10 surprising facts about hearing aids you probably never knew — but will want to.

1. Hearing aids are only a few millimeters long
Many modern hearing aids are now as small as coffee beans. Thanks to their tiny size, they’re practically invisible and no one will notice you’re wearing them!

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2. Hearing aids don’t just amplify sounds
Modern hearing aids are calibrated to receive and amplify the frequencies you no longer hear. For example, if you do not hear certain high frequencies, the hearing aids only amplify those sounds. Digital hearing aids also deliver 360-degree sound in a vibrant and natural way for enhanced speech clarity and crystal clear conversations.

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3. There are over 2,000 hearing aid models available in the market
Sounds overwhelming, right? We make it easy for you. We work with the top eight manufacturers of hearing aids to ensure you can choose from the most advanced hearing aids to suit your lifestyle and budget.

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4. Hearing aids are high-performance computers
Modern medical-grade hearing aids are tiny technological miracles. With a processing system just a few millimeters long, hearing aids perform remarkably well. A microchip processes all sounds in real-time and plays them in the appropriate amplification level in your ear. The left and right hearing aids communicate with each other, which allows you to hear in a natural way. In addition, many hearing aids can be controlled by a remote control or smartphone.

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5. Enjoy 360-degree sound
Hearing aids are built with directional microphones to detect all ambient noises and automatically filter them for important sounds that you need to focus on. This means you’ll understand your conversation partner well in noisy scenes, whether they’re sitting next to you in a busy cafe or in the car during rush hour traffic.

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6. Hearing aids are Bluetooth compatible
You can now connect your Bluetooth devices such as smartphones, televisions, and computers to your hearing aids. Just sit back, relax, and watch your favorite TV shows as the sound streams directly into your ears.

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7. Hearing aids detect your listening environment and adjust accordingly
Modern hearing aids now have an automatic situation detection feature that can determine if you’re in a noisy or quiet environment, talking to one or more people, and if you want to listen to music or natural sounds. Some hearing aids even recognize through the GPS of your smartphone whether you’re in a restaurant, cinema, or at home. Annoying background noises are faded out and the conversation is intensified to help you understand every word clearly.

8. Many celebrities wear hearing aids
You probably didn’t notice, but many celebrities wear hearing aids. Musicians such as U2 frontman Bono, Eric Clapton, and Phil Collins; Oscar prizewinners Christoph Waltz, Robert Redford, and Jodie Foster; and fashion designer Wolfgang Joop.

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9. Some hearing aids are now rechargeable
Instead of having to change a hearing aid battery every week or every few days, choose a rechargeable hearing aid and easily recharge your hearing aids while you sleep. Some even come with portable charging cases so you can recharge them when you’re on the go. Modern convenience at your fingertips.

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10. Test modern medical-grade hearing aids for 45 days, with no risk — no obligation.
Purchasing hearing aids is a big decision. We want to make the process easier for you by inviting you to our 45-day no-risk trial of the latest hearing aids. The trial includes expert consultation and a comprehensive hearing test, which identifies the frequencies you need to amplify. After the test, you get to experience how hearing aids make listening effortless again in your everyday life.

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