Ear Care
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5 tips to hear better again!
Hearing loss doesn’t have to be a constant burden in your life. With these tips, you will soon be able to hear better and improve your quality of life.
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How to clean your hearing aid?
High-quality hearing aids are expensive, precision instruments which need to be taken care of properly. Poor cleaning and maintenance of your hearing aid can reduce its life span significantly.
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Do you need a hearing aid?
Whether it’s because of noise-induced hearing loss, age-related hearing loss, the side-effect of a issue like tinnitus or a symptom of harmful ototoxic medication, progressive hearing loss is a tricky thing to address.
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Man wearing headphones
Guide to protect your ears
Listening to loud music, driving up a mountain, sticking a Q-tip deep into your ear — these are just a few ways that everyday situations impact your most delicate organs.
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How to protect your ears during outdoor concerts?
As its meaning has changed, so has the technology used to promote and enhance sound at outdoor music festivals. And that means, the risk of hearing loss has shifted significantly since the more “modest” days of old.
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Man on the phone
Hearing impaired phone
A hearing-impaired phone opens a world of conversation for a person with hearing loss. When a person experiences hearing loss, phone conversations become more difficult.
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How to clean your ears
According to the current thinking from leading medical professionals, there is only one real reason to clean your ears: the excessive buildup of earwax.
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Protect your ears while hunting
If you love hunting, you know that having a keen ear is one of the hunter's most important assets. And you also know that it's essential to protect your hearing against sudden gunshots or other hunting-related noises.
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Inner ear
There’s a lot of information available on the Internet about the inner ear. However, this can be overwhelming for many people
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ear exam
How To Get Rid Of Itchy Ears?
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Fireworks and hearing aid
Keep your ears safe
This New Year’s Eve you will celebrate with family and friends. Children will laugh and shout with joy. Champagne will pop. Music will play.
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What are the ototoxic drugs?
While it sounds like toxicity you inflict on yourself, "ototoxicity" (not "auto-toxicity") is a condition specific to the ears.
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Pressure in ears
Ear fullness, ear barotrauma, stuffy ears: there are many ways to describe the sensation.
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View from a plane window
Protect your ears while traveling
Wherever you travel in the world, protecting your hearing is a must. From booming airplane engines to ear infections, traveling comes with a variety of auditory pitfalls.
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Tips To Get Water Out Of Your Ears
There are some common, everyday situations that, if left unchecked, could impact our hearing. One of those is getting water in the ear.
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