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Phonak Virto Q
10 things you didn't know about hearing aids
Today, wearing hearing aids and experiencing clear conversations is as simple as wearing contact lenses. The technology of modern hearing aids makes hearing easy!
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Man on a construction site
10 most dangerous jobs for your ears
There are professions that put our safety in danger — and these are less obvious issues, like our eyesight and hearing levels. Overtime, the costs to many of these professions that provide their workers with passion-filled days of doing work they love can be severe.
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Man wearing a BTE hearing aid
4 reasons to get hearing aids
Are you suffering from hearing loss? You’re not alone! According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, it’s the nation’s third most common physical condition behind arthritis and heart disease.
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used hearing aids framed
5 of the funniest hearing aid mishaps
Humorous but true. These are five of the most bizarre and yet amusing situations hearing experts have witnessed when it comes to hearing aids, their users, and the issues they encounter.
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Woman whispering
Communicating with individuals with hearing loss
Communicating effectively with someone experiencing hearing loss can be a challenge. But with 466 million people worldwide reporting some form of it, it’s important to know the best strategies for communication.
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Alcohol and hearing loss
Many Americans like a glass of wine or a few beers every now and then. In fact, around 24 million Americans take more than 70 drinks per week, and only 30 percent of us don't drink at all.
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Animals hearing abilities
Humans have some impressive hardware which lets them hear sounds and interpret the world, but our skills pale into insignificance when you compare them with the champion listeners of the natural world.
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Auditory illusions
Most people are familiar with optical illusions. They are tricks of the eye that make the brain think something is there when in reality there is nothing. But did you know that the ears can be tricked just as easily?
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Very old hearing aid
The evolution of hearing aids
Hearing aids are always evolving. As technology becomes more powerful, new ideas emerge, and miniaturization progresses, but they still have many things in common with the very first devices of their kind.
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Woman reading
Sounds that people enjoy hearing the most (again)
What sounds would people most like to hear clearly again? Age-related hearing loss affects almost everyone to some degree, and subtle changes sometimes mean that sounds can vanish without people even realizing.
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blurry street
Hearing loss in everyday life
When you start to lose your hearing, the impact goes well beyond missing a few words in conversations and having to ask people to repeat what they say. That's a major irritation, to be sure, but it's really the tip of the hearing loss iceberg.
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Silk primax hearing aids
How to make the most of your hearing aids
Choosing the right hearing aid is important, but since modern hearing aids come with a wide range of advanced features, every hearing aid wearer should learn how to get the most out of these high-tech devices as well.
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Myths about hearing aids...Debunked!
If you have hearing loss and are thinking of purchasing hearing aids, you might have come across some myths about them online or in your social circle.
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Veterans and US flag
Hearing loss in the USA
If you or a loved one has recently started to experience the effects of hearing loss, you are far from alone in the United States.
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dad holding his baby
Identifying a hearing loss for a loved one
Coming to terms with hearing loss is not always easy. Instead of admitting that one’s hearing needs a little assistance, the issue is often denied, and many miss out on the help that modern medicine and technology make available.
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