Hearing Aid Technology

Smart and sophisticated

Modern hearing aids are some of the most amazing minicomputers around. Features like smartphone controls, Bluetooth connectivity, and rechargeability have helped to change the way people think about hearing care. 

Hearing aid technology continues to evolve! Contemporary hearing aids support the brain and run sophisticated algorithms that can deliver a natural, comfortable hearing experience in even the most challenging listening environments.

Every second, the advanced technology chips available in hearing aids today scan your environment over 10,000 times and process over one billion operations. Modern hearing aids are therefore 100,000 times more powerful than the computer that landed the Apollo 11 on the moon, and 2,5 times more potent than the first Apple iPhone!


What level of technology is right for you?

Think of it this way: the more out and about you want to be, the more technology you need to hear well in different situations. Therefore we encourage you to “get as much technology as you can afford”, so your hearing won’t slow you down.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the impressive technology features that many of today’s hearing aids offer:

Bluetooth, rechargeability and smartphone connectivity

These features often come standard with modern hearing aids and have a significant impact on your everyday life.

  • Bluetooth connectivity means it’s easier than ever to stay connected to the world around you. Just like the most popular wireless headphones on the market today, many hearing aids now allow you to stream your favourite TV shows, podcasts, music, and phone calls directly to your ears.
  • Rechargeable hearing aids are becoming more and more sought-after. They’re environmentally friendly, easier on the wallet and come with portable charging cases for extra security and convenience when you’re on the go. Now you can keep your hearing aids working all day with no interruption (without the hassle of hard-to-replace batteries!).
  • Smartphone control gives you the ability to change your hearing aid volume or programme based on your environment. For example, if you’re going from your house to a crowded restaurant, you’ll probably want to adjust the levels, so you’re comfortable. Now you can do it easily from your iPhone or Android smartphone without ever having to touch your hearing aids.

Speech enhancement and background noise management

Improved speech clarity has always been the most desired feature for people with hearing loss. Today’s medical-grade hearing aids have drastically improved speech understanding. Advanced features allow for binaural processing, echo adjustment in reverberant environments and a greater sense of direction and depth.
Background noise makes it difficult to follow a conversation. Modern hearing aids are better able to detect and filter out background noise, including feedback and whistling. Enjoy a natural listening experience with less effort, so you have more energy throughout the day.

Directional and open 360° sound with movement

Being able to hear sounds all around you is a critical part of everyday life. Today’s hearing aids are fitted with acoustic and motion sensors to identify where sounds are coming from in 3D. Then, in a split second, state-of-the-art programmes allow the brain to decide who or what to listen to.

Automatic environment detection and adjustments

Your environment influences your hearing. Modern hearing aids scan your surroundings and consider your movement, before automatically adjusting their programmes to deliver an optimal, natural sound experience based on any environment (without you having to figure it out).

Own voice processing

Are you longing to hear the real sound of your own voice? Modern hearing aids provide the most natural experience by processing the wearer’s voice independently from all other voices and noises.

Are you excited to try the latest hearing aid technology?