Signia, a Leader in Innovation

Signia has been developing technological and high-quality hearing systems for over 130 years. In more than 100 countries across the globe, the company helps people maintain their previous quality of life. As one of the largest and most innovative hearing aid brands, Signia paves the way in the development of technology, leading the industry in innovation.

Hearing Loss and Signia

Signia’s products have been providing innovative solutions for customers for years. Their wide range of devices offers relief for every person who experiences hearing loss. From BTE (Behind-the-ear) to ITE (In-the-ear) hearing aids, they have a solution to your particular hearing ailment.

One of the most exciting features is their ability to dampen disruptive ambient noise so that you can obtain maximum comprehension. Thanks to their Xperience platform, the innovative hearing aids process a perfect balance between natural sound and speech intelligibility. Through outstanding innovation in microphone technology, the Signia hearing aids also convey an impressive, three-dimensional “tapestry” of sounds. You won’t miss anything! The two worn hearing aids intercommunicate, and their directional microphones are able to localize sources of sound in the room and appropriately amplify them via the loudspeakers in the ear. Signia’s devices has simplified hearing for people with hearing impairment for more than 130 years.

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Modern Connectivity Through Easytek

The Signia connectivity device, easyTek, provides simple operation of their latest hearing aids wirelessly connecting them to your TV, smartphones, and many other Bluetooth-capable devices. Once connected, the sound is transmitted via Bluetooth®. Volume, programs, and audio sources can be controlled with an iOS and Android app. The numerous options and programmable settings are essential additions to your hearing aids, creating a seamless, pleasurable experience.

Signia Hearing Aids

Signia Xperience


Xperience is a revolutionary technology platform from Signia, the company that has taken over Siemens’ well-known range of audiological devices. Available in Behind-the-Ear and Receiver-in-Canal models, Xperience is one of the most advanced hearing aid technologies around. As the manufacturer states, it has been “designed for professionals,” meaning that it packs plenty of high-end features that make life easier for wearers. From settings that make the wearer’s own voice sound more natural and easier on the ear, to soundscape processing which makes it possible to pick out conversations in the noisiest, most complex environments, Signia has added a variety of functions which set this hearing aid apart from its competitors. Let’s look at them in a little more detail and find out whether Signia’s Xperience hearing aids are right for you.

Signia Silk

Designed by Signia, a subsidiary of the Singapore-based Sivantos Group, the Signia Silk is a compact, technologically advanced binaural type of completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aid. The most important feature of these hearing aids is their size, which makes them virtually invisible when the user is wearing them. But they aren’t just a slimmed-down, under-powered version of Signia’s other CIC or BTE devices. Despite their small size, Signia Silk hearing aids deliver a high level of performance and include some advanced features, so let’s learn more about what they have to offer, and who would be a suitable user.

Signia Styletto

Meet the new behind-the-ear hearing aid that’s transforming the future of modern hearing aid design. Powered by Signia’s new Xperience platform, the Styletto is a revolution in hearing aid technology and performance. Designed for the active lifestyle, the Styletto combines elegance, convenience, and functionality to deliver a high-quality hearing experience without compromising style.

Unlike any hearing aid you’ve seen before, this surprisingly slim device leverages modern battery charging technology inside a compact form factor to deliver a solution that looks more like a sleek Bluetooth earpiece than a hearing aid. This is truly a hearing aid that looks as good as it performs.

Signia Pure
Signia Pure
Signia Pure

The Signia Pure hearing aid – the most compact and powerful hearing aid with superior sound quality in every situation. With three great models to choose from, there’s a Signia Pure hearing aid out there for everyone. Meet the hearing aid that can revolutionize how you hear your world.

  • Signia’s Xperience platform provides high-quality own voice processing and speech understanding
  • Picks up speech in noise for a better conversation using directional microphones
  • Bluetooth connectivity lets you stream directly from a smartphone or TV
  • IP68-rated resistance to moisture, sweat, dust, and dirt for long-term durability and active lifestyles
  • Housing color can easily be changed by a hearing healthcare professional for ultimate customization
  • Built-in tinnitus therapy feature that provides white noise when needed
  • Remote control functionality through a smartphone app
  • Pure 13 X offers optional T-coil connectivity
  • Pure Charge&Go X has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for all-day use
  • Pure Charge&Go X OneShell design means no battery door and no contacts for a more durable hearing aid
  • Pure 312 X features a small and compact design for discreet use every day