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Rechargeable technology that’s made for people who move

Made for all levels of hearing loss, Signia Pure Charge&Go AX hearing aids give you the confidence and flexibility to move easily through your day.

The Charge&Go offers a slim behind-the-ear fit as well as:

  • Wireless Li-ion rechargeability - no tiny batteries to change
  • The world’s first acoustic motion sensors - adapt effortlessly to your hearing environments
  • Best speech understanding - hear sounds, including your own voice, naturally
  • Bluetooth connectivity - stream calls, music, and TV
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Hearing loss shouldn’t hold you back. That’s why Pure Charge&Go AX hearing aids were designed using the innovative Augmented Experience (AX) technology platform that features two separate sound processors: one for speech and the other one for the everyday sounds around you.

This means you can enjoy your conversations with ease and without worrying about background noise. From the car ride to the coffee shop to your busy meeting, you’ll hear every word so clearly and naturally that you’ll completely forget you're wearing a hearing device.

One of the biggest challenges with hearing aids comes in the smallest of packages — tiny batteries that can be difficult to change. But because the Charge&Go AX uses a rechargeable lithium-Ion battery, the best in the industry today, you can get a full charge in just 3-4 hours and be out and about for up to 36 hours without needing to recharge.

And don’t worry if you’re away longer than you expected… there’s a portable, wireless charger that can go anywhere you go. It gives you an additional six hours of wear time with just a 30-minute charge!

Man looking into mirror with hearing aids has partnered with Signia to offer the Pure Charge&Go AX, the best rechargeable hearing aids. You’ll want to be one of the first to experience the convenience, incredibly clear speech, and natural sound from Signia’s innovative AX technology platform.

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