10 Things you didn’t know about hearing aids

Today, wearing hearing aids and experiencing natural sound is as simple as wearing contact lenses. These small technological wonders almost disappear in or behind your ears and offer impressive features. Read on for 10 surprising facts about hearing aids.

1. Hearing aids are only a few millimetres long

Honey, I have shrunk the hearing aid! Modern hearing aids can be about the same size as a coffee bean. Thanks to their small size, some devices are virtually impossible to detect by others.

2. Hearing aids do not just amplify sounds

If you struggle to hear certain high frequencies, your hearing aids will only amplify those sounds. What’s more? Digital hearing aids deliver sound vibrantly and naturally and come loaded with performance-enhancing features. This is especially important when having conversations.

3. There are many models available

We at hear.com work with leading hearing aid brands so you can choose from the most advanced hearing aids of the year. We offer different models to suit your lifestyle, needs, and budget.

4. Hearing aids are minicomputers

Hearing aid technology is ever-evolving. A microchip records sound in real-time and can play these sounds back at the required level of amplification. Hearing aids in the left and right ear ‘communicate’ with each other and allow you to hear sound in the most natural way. You can even control your hearing aids with a remote or smartphone.

5. With hearing aids, you can hear in all directions

Directional microphones detect all ambient noises and filter important sounds from noise. Now you can understand your conversation partner clearly, even in a difficult listening environment.

6. Hearing aids are Bluetooth compatible

Connect your Bluetooth devices such as smartphones, televisions, and computers to your hearing aids! You can sit back, relax and watch your favourite TV show as the sound streams directly into your ears.

7. Hearing aids adjust to your listening environment

Modern hearing aids have an automatic feature that detects whether you’re in a noisy or quiet environment. Some hearing aids can even recognise via your smartphone’s GPS whether you’re in a restaurant, in a cinema, or at home. This feature helps to fade out annoying background noise, so you can enjoy listening to the sounds you want to hear.

8. Many celebrities wear hearing aids

You probably haven’t noticed, but there are many musicians with hearing aids, such as U2’s Bono, Eric Clapton and Phil Collins. Oscar winners Christoph Waltz, Robert Redford, and Jodie Foster also wear hearing aids.

9. Some hearing aids are rechargeable

Instead of having to change the hearing aid battery weekly or every few days, you can opt for a rechargeable hearing aid. These come with a charging pod that you can carry with you to charge on the go.

10. Hearing aids help you improve relationships

Hearing loss can lead to social isolation. Hearing aids can help you strengthen essential relationships by improving communication in all kinds of situations—in-person or phone conversations, or when socialising with friends.