Discover the best hearing aids

The benefits of hearing well

Hearing aids are a great and non-invasive solution to hearing loss. Many users report a drastic improvement in the quality of their lives and wish they started wearing it sooner. By improving communication in all kinds of situations, hearing aids can help strengthen essential relationships. Studies also show that hearing well can reduce stress, increase energy, and boost mental alertness.

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  • Hearing Aid Types
  • Hearing Aid Prices
  • Hearing Aid Technology
  • Hearing Aid Brands

Modern like you’ve never heard

The size of a coffee bean and more potent than ever before, modern hearing aids—tiny computers that use algorithms to deliver the most precise sound—can change your life. Several factors determine which hearing aid is right for you. Learn more about the latest hearing aid technology here.

Your journey to better hearing

Let us help you find hearing aids that match your needs. Our telephone consultations are free, and we use this first conversation to understand your hearing loss better. Next, we’ll refer you to a hearing care provider, and together we’ll recommend a hearing solution that fits your lifestyle and budget. Your personal consultant will guide you throughout the process until you’ve found a solution you love.

Hearing Aid Types

Which hearing aids are right for you?

In-the-ear devices (ITE)

✔ Virtually invisible

✔ Fits in the ear canal

✔ Best suited* for mild to moderate hearing loss

*ITE devices won’t work for everyone. A hearing care professional will determine whether this is a suitable solution for you.

Behind-the-ear devices (BTE)

✔ Discreet design

✔ Sound tube with customised ear mould or in-ear receiver

✔ Best suited for mild to severe hearing loss

Hearing Aid Prices

Your Uniqueness Determines Your Hearing Aid’s Price

Your hearing is as unique as your fingerprints. It might sound unbelievable, but it’s true. Two people can have the same degree and type of hearing loss and yet, end up with completely different hearing aids. Why? Your uniqueness – lifestyle, type of hearing loss, level of tech required, and budget – determines which hearing aid at which price point will best suit your needs.

At, we believe that hearing well means living well. That’s why our consultants pride themselves in finding you the perfect fit, every time.

Before we discuss pricing, let’s look at the factors at play:

Your Lifestyle

Lifestyle is the most important factor when choosing a new hearing aid. The more active you are, the more tech you’d require to support you in different day-to-day environments. This affects costs. For instance, if you frequently attend meetings, visit restaurants or love watching sport games, you might want to consider an advanced hearing aid with features like speech clarity and noise reduction. Fortunately, we partner with leading manufacturers and the best local hearing care professionals to make sure we fit you with a device that’s perfect for your lifestyle, and your pocket.

Type and extent of Hearing Loss

Another factor to take into consideration is the type and extent of your hearing loss. For example, if your hearing loss severely impacts speech clarity you might benefit from a hearing aid that has more advanced technology like background noise reduction and speech amplification. For another hearing loss profile however, a less expensive device might be sufficient.

Hearing Aid Features

Each device has its own unique features; the more advanced the technology, the higher the price. Today’s premium hearing aids have features like noise cancellation, directionality, and even smartphone and TV connectivity and are a great option for anyone who’d like all the bells & whistles.

Now that you know what to consider, let’s look at pricing. And rest assured, whether you pick a hearing aid at premium, mid, or the essential price range, we’ll make sure it’s a great fit and help you hear what you’ve been missing.


Hear the TV at a reasonable volume and understand your conversation partner clearly in quieter settings. Enjoy listening comfort and feedback cancellation. Users who spend a lot of time at home and engage in one-on-one conversations will benefit the most from these devices.

Good hearing comfort and multiple customisable programmes available between R25000 and R36000 per pair, or from R1070 per month* for 36 months. For budget conscious individuals, basic hearing aids are also available from approximately R18000 for a pair of hearing aids, or from R800 per month* for 36 months.


Change listening programmes and improve your listening comfort in demanding hearing environments. Enjoy excellent speech recognition and enhancement, effortless directional hearing, and automatic noise reduction. Mid-range devices support a more active lifestyle.

Great speech clarity and adaptive directional microphones available between R36000 and R46000 per pair, or from R1500 per month* for 36 months.

Advanced + Premium

If you’re looking for all the bells and whistles (speech clarity, smartphone control and more), this is it. Enjoy HD sound quality, automatic adjustment, and superior comfort. Premium devices, packed with advanced technology and features, are the best solution for both active and sedentary lifestyles. is a global leader in modern hearing care with one simple goal: to provide the most comprehensive care for your hearing needs. To give as many people as possible access to this extra quality of life, we also work with medical finance provider(s) to offer flexible payment options.

Best speech clarity, most customisable, and best noise reduction available between R46000 and R100000 per pair, or from R1850 per month* for 36 months.

Disclaimer: *Payment plans are not financed by, but by independent finance provider(s). When referring a Customer to any healthcare and registered medical finance provider(s) in South Africa), (i) (the Company) does not guarantee that the provider will provide the Customer with financing, (ii) the Company does not participate in any decisions the provider makes relating to financing new or existing customers, (iii) the Company is not part of the providers’ group of companies, (iv) the Company is not a representative of or an agent for the provider(s), (v) does not receive any remuneration or benefit from the provider(s) for referring Customers, and (vi) the Company strongly encourages Customers to conduct their own research on the provider(s) and their product offerings in order to determine if they are suitable and appropriate for the Customer.

Hearing Aid Technology

Smart and sophisticated

Modern hearing aids are some of the most amazing minicomputers around. Features like smartphone controls, Bluetooth connectivity, and rechargeability have helped to change the way people think about hearing care.

Hearing aid technology continues to evolve! Contemporary hearing aids support the brain and run sophisticated algorithms that can deliver a natural, comfortable hearing experience in even the most challenging listening environments.

Every second, the advanced technology chips available in hearing aids today scan your environment over 10,000 times and process over one billion operations. Modern hearing aids are therefore 100,000 times more powerful than the computer that landed the Apollo 11 on the moon, and 2,5 times more potent than the first Apple iPhone!

What level of technology is right for you?

Think of it this way: the more out and about you want to be, the more technology you need to hear well in different situations. Therefore we encourage you to “get as much technology as you can afford”, so your hearing won’t slow you down.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the impressive technology features that many of today’s hearing aids offer:

Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity means it’s easier than ever to stay connected to the world around you. Just like the most popular wireless headphones on the market today, many hearing aids now allow you to stream your favourite TV shows, podcasts, music, and phone calls directly to your ears.


Rechargeable hearing aids are becoming more and more sought-after. They’re environmentally friendly, easier on the wallet and come with portable charging cases for extra security and convenience when you’re on the go. Now you can keep your hearing aids working all day with no interruption (without the hassle of hard-to-replace batteries!).

Smartphone control

Smartphone control gives you the ability to change your hearing aid volume or programme based on your environment. For example, if you’re going from your house to a crowded restaurant, you’ll probably want to adjust the levels, so you’re comfortable. Now you can do it easily from your iPhone or Android smartphone without ever having to touch your hearing aids.

Speech enhancement and background noise management

Improved speech clarity has always been the most desired feature for people with hearing loss. Today’s medical-grade hearing aids have drastically improved speech understanding. Advanced features allow for binaural processing, echo adjustment in reverberant environments and a greater sense of direction and depth.

Background noise makes it difficult to follow a conversation. Modern hearing aids are better able to detect and filter out background noise, including feedback and whistling. Enjoy a natural listening experience with less effort, so you have more energy throughout the day.

Directional and open 360° sound with movement

Being able to hear sounds all around you is a critical part of everyday life. Today’s hearing aids are fitted with acoustic and motion sensors to identify where sounds are coming from in 3D. Then, in a split second, state-of-the-art programmes allow the brain to decide who or what to listen to.

Automatic environment detection and adjustments

Your environment influences your hearing. Modern hearing aids scan your surroundings and consider your movement, before automatically adjusting their programmes to deliver an optimal, natural sound experience based on any environment (without you having to figure it out).

Own voice processing

Are you longing to hear the real sound of your own voice? Modern hearing aids provide the most natural experience by processing the wearer’s voice independently from all other voices and noises.

The brands we trust and work with

Our mission at, along with our comprehensive network of partner providers, is to help you find your perfect hearing aids. We work with the leading hearing aid brands in the world. These companies are continually developing new technologies and improving usability to refine the overall listening experience.

To learn more about the latest devices, different models and specifications, get in touch! Our consultations are non-binding and unbiased, which means you get free expert advice, tailored to your needs. In collaboration with a hearing aid provider in your area, we offer these top hearing aid brands at affordable prices.