Meet Widex

The new naturalness of hearing.

From a family business to a global technology leader: Since 1956, the Danish brand Widex has stood for groundbreaking hearing systems with a particularly natural amplification of sound in all its diversity. With the development of the first purely digital hearing aid in 1996, Widex opened up completely new possibilities for an entire industry and founded a new era in modern hearing care.

WIDEX MOMENT, the latest hearing aid generation, impresses with the fastest computing power of all hearing aids in the premium segment. The result: perfect amplification in milliseconds – with a sound so pleasant and natural that your hearing feels just as good as before.

Discover the Widex sound

One of the leading hearing aid brands in the industry, Widex gives you unlimited access to a world of sound. Founded in 1956 in Denmark, they now sell their hearing aids in over 100 countries worldwide. Widex has built a reputation for innovation and reliability and strives to meet the needs of both hearing aid professionals and users. The company also aims to develop digital technology at a level of quality that few can match and offer the most advanced, natural sound.

Your hearing is as individual as your fingerprint.

Perfectly tuned reinforcement.

No other hearing system can be tuned to fit as precisely with your own personal hearing as the WIDEX MOMENT. Based on long-term measurements with different hearing profiles in different hearing situations, Widex has developed an innovative process to perfectly control the sound of hearing aids for individual requirements. The result is a soundscape that is perceived as absolutely harmonious in every situation – without having to change the hearing aid you’re wearing or adjust its settings.

Effortless perception, even in noisy environments. 

With WIDEX MOMENT’s patented speech enhancement, you can easily understand what your conversation partner is saying – even in crowded restaurants or exhibition halls. High-performance processors analyze the sounds in the environment in real time. Disturbing background noises are filtered out, while speech is raised above the background noise so that it is clearly understandable. In this way, you can once again understand every word effortlessly – without having to keep asking questions.

What do you have to do to get the perfect sound? Listen!

WIDEX MOMENT is the perfect companion for a wide range of everyday situations at work, at home and during leisure time. Intelligent sound detection recognizes the acoustic requirements of your environment in real time – and automatically adjusts the hearing-aid program to suit the hearing situation. You don’t need to do anything else. The program changes smoothly and without you noticing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in traffic, at a business lunch or on a walk in the woods: you will hear and understand every sound as perfectly as you could wish at that precise moment.

Connects directly to telephone and TV. 

WIDEX MOMENT hearing aids are fully and easily connected to your smartphone or audio system, making expensive headphones superfluous. Telephone calls, TV audio or any online multimedia can be transmitted directly to your ear and enjoyed in the best sound quality – either directly via the Bluetooth interface or via the innovative Widex multimedia accessories.

Small but strong: the most compact rechargeable hearing aid of all time.

For those who want to do without regular battery changes, WIDEX MOMENT offers the smallest rechargeable battery models based on modern lithium-ion technology. Simply place your hearing aids in the practical charging station – and after just 30 minutes of charging, you can enjoy hours of optimal hearing at full power.

The first hearing aid that knows what to expect. 

Thanks to an intelligent app.

WIDEX MOMENT learns how you prefer to hear – made possible through artificial intelligence. With a simple click in the WIDEX MOMENT app, you can give direct feedback on situations in which the sound reproduction is particularly pleasant for you during the familiarization phase.  In this way, your hearing aid gets to know your hearing preferences better and better and automatically adapts to new acoustic situations for a perfectly personalized sound experience.


The revolutionary Widex MOMENT™ delivers the purest, most natural sound ever. When a hearing aid processes sound, it typically reaches the eardrum later than when it’s heard directly. When these ‘out of sync’ signals mix, it sounds artificial. Now you can hear every moment—like you used to. Widex MOMENT™ is available in three behind-the-ear models and three in-the-ear models.

Pure and natural.

WIDEX MOMENT hearing aids are available in different designs, colours, features and technology levels. Your local SA partner audiologist, together with your personal SA hearing consultant, will be happy to give you comprehensive advice on which model best meets your requirements in terms of comfort, design and technology.

Built to last. 

Less corrosion means more durability. Widex MOMENT™ reduces the risk of moisture damage thanks to advanced water-resistant nano-coating, durable microphones and smart engineering. When there’s no battery door, there are also fewer gaps for moisture to sneak in.


Introducing the WIDEX MOMENT RIC 10 – exceptional audio quality packaged in the most compact design. Enjoy delightful wearing comfort and effortlessly intuitive usage. Select from a range of 13 different shades to match your preference.

  • Excellent sound in the smallest format
  • Pleasant wearing comfort
  • Very simple operation
  • 13 shades to choose from


Experience the WIDEX MOMENT RIC 312 D, delivering the most authentic sound with no echo distortion. Achieve a subtle placement behind the ear for a discreet look. Benefit from tailored hearing schemes, connect effortlessly through Bluetooth, and manage settings via a dedicated app. Enjoy direct streaming of TV audio and phone calls right through the hearing aid.

  • Most natural sound without echo effect
  • Discreet fit behind the ear
  • Personalized hearing programs
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • App control
  • TV sound and telephone calls received directly via the hearing aid


Rechargeable and discreet.

Widex MOMENT™ mRIC R D is the smallest rechargeable lithium-ion hearing aid. It’s easy to charge using the slim and simple charger, and you can enjoy direct streaming of music, TV or conversations from iOS or DEX via the Widex MOMENT™ app. It’s also prepared for future connections with Android.

  • The smallest rechargeable hearing aid in the world
  • State-of-the-art lithium-ion technology
  • Most natural sound without echo effect
  • Personalized hearing programs
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • App control
  • TV sound and phone calls received directly through the hearing aid


Discover the WIDEX MOMENT CIC – the elite in-ear choice from the WIDEX MOMENT range. Designed to be nearly imperceptible within the ear canal, it offers a variety of skin-tone hues for heightened subtlety. Experience all the audio advantages of WIDEX MOMENT technology, and effortlessly regulate settings through the ToneLink app or DEX accessories.

  • The WIDEX MOMENT premium in-the-ear class
  • Sits almost entirely invisibly in the ear canal
  • Different skin tone colours for even more discreet optics
  • All the sound benefits of WIDEX MOMENT technology
  • Control via ToneLink app or DEX accessories