5 Tips for hearing better

Hearing loss doesn’t have to be a constant burden in your life. With these tips, you’ll soon be able to hear better and improve your quality of life.

1. Start your journey today

People who have vision loss know that eyes don’t get better by themselves. The same is true of hearing loss. If left untreated, your hearing ability could get worse and it may become even more stressful to follow conversations and take part in activities. There is a solution, though, so don’t wait until your hearing gets worse. Modern hearing aids provide excellent sound reception for most degrees of hearing loss and are often so small, they’re virtually invisible.

2. Test hearing aids to find your best fit

The level of technology in a hearing aid should match your lifestyle. For example, if you’re an active person, you may need a hearing aid with powerful noise reduction technology. And if you often make calls from your mobile phone, you may want a hearing aid with Bluetooth. There are many hearing aid models on the market. How do you choose the right one? A hear.com consultant and hearing care professional can help!

3. Train your brain to recognise sounds

The more you wear your new hearing aids, the more your brain will adjust to the lost stimuli. After only a few weeks, you will perceive the “new” sounds as normal and enjoy 360° sound.

4. Pay attention to your environment

As you adjust to your hearing aids, pay attention to the sounds you may have missed—a tree rustling, or children’s voices. Note how relaxed you are throughout your day now that you can listen carefree again. Your family might not notice the small devices in your ears, but they’ll notice the big change in your life.

5. Relax!

Hearing aids are high-performing minicomputers that take the stress out of listening. As you move from one location to the next, your hearing aids will automatically adjust to provide optimal sound reproduction—whether you’re at home or in a noisy restaurant.