Hearing aid accessories

Tools for better hearing

Once hearing damage has occurred, one has to learn to deal with its effects. Modern hearing aids ensure that even people with severe hearing loss can hear adequately again. Today, hearing aids are much more than “just” devices for amplifying hearing. Rather, they are small, high-performance computers with sophisticated technology.

Careful handling in combination with appropriate care is therefore a must for every hearing aid wearer. And not without reason: Around 75% of all damage to hearing aids is caused by moisture and cerumen (ear wax). But that can simply be prevented.

Table of Contents
  • Cutting edge tech for your hearing aid
  • Accessory types
  • Cerumen filters and dry boxes

High-tech enhancements for your hearing aid

A hearing aid is much more than just a simple support system for the hearing impaired in everyday life. There are various technical devices that not only make life with a hearing system easier but also really enhance it.
The multimedia sector, in particular, has a number of hearing aid accessories that show that the days of bulky, impractical 1-dimensional hearing aids are over. Modern hearing aids have long since arrived in the digital age. For example, it is not a problem to make your own hearing aid Bluetooth-enabled by means of a corresponding receiver. This means you can easily connect it to a hi-fi system, television, radio, computer or smartphone and use the advantages of the wireless multimedia world with your hearing aid.


With the help of control and streaming apps, you can conveniently control your hearing aids from your smartphone without a remote control. You can control the volume and change hearing aid programs, or stream phone calls or music directly to your hearing aids.

Remote control

The remote control is limited to the operation of the hearing aids. You can use it to regulate the volume and select programs. A remote control as a hearing aid accessory is easy to use and requires little technical affinity.

From cerumen filters to dry boxes

There is a large selection of care products that support the hygienic cleanliness of the respective device. From a complete set to a single accessory, the right tools are available for every user. There are special removal brushes and rods to help remove ear wax and make precise and careful cleaning possible. The sound channel stick can also be used to remove unwanted dirt from the hearing aid.

If you want to simplify changing the hearing aid batteries, you can also use a battery compartment opener or a battery change magnet. With a cerumen filter it is possible to regulate the degree of soiling. This is especially important because this dirt clogs the sound outlet of the hearing aid and can damage it as a result. However, if your own hearing aids have gotten wet (e.g. from condensation or sweat), improper drying is generally not advisable – this is sensitive technology after all. Instead, a dry box should be used.

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