Useful knowledge about your hearing

Our sense of hearing is one of our most important senses. It not only helps us to actively participate in our environment and to talk to our fellow human beings but also ensures our balance. It is all the more important to understand your hearing exactly and to protect it well.

At, your health is very important to us. Therefore, we not only want to advise you comprehensively and recommend exactly the right hearing aids for your individual needs but have also put together a lot of helpful information for you to help you understand human hearing precisely. Here’s a look at how your hearing works and what happens in your ears with various diseases. You can also find out more about the causes, symptoms, and treatment options.

The ear

Ears are important sense organs for us. They help us perceive our surroundings acoustically, communicate with our fellow human beings and recognize danger. Health affects both our hearing and our sense of balance. If our ears are not doing well, we usually do not feel well either. So protect your ears and keep them healthy!

The hearing aid

Hearing aids are basically small “high-performance computers” that specifically increase hearing performance. They are used for hearing loss. With hearing aids we can effortlessly follow conversations again and hear tones that have been forgotten again. The result: Your quality of life and the joy of living greatly improve. On our website you will find extensive knowledge about several hearing aid devices and their functionality: In the ear or behind the ear, operated by remote control, networking with the smartphone, and the right batteries for your device. We have also put together a detailed overview of which hearing aids are available, which accessories are available and other helpful information for you.

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