Hearing Aid Features

ouple wearing ITE hearing aids

Help for improved hearing

Hearing aids offers far more than simple routine support for people with impaired hearing. High-tech hearing aids not only simplify life with a healthy hearing system, but actually upgrade it. Modern hearing aids have proved that the era of bulky, impractical hearing aids reduced to their functional benefits is over. For instance, with the use of an appropriate receiver, hearing aids are now Bluetooth-enabled. Simply connect it to a stereo system, TV, radio, computer or smartphone, and take advantage of the wireless multimedia world – with the help of today’s advanced hearing aids. A remote control is also very useful to increase or reduce the volume of your hearing aid. Among the newest hearing aids, the “remote control” can even be an App on your smartphone.

Features and do I need them?

As mentioned before that every device has different features. The premium devices have more features compared to the basic ones. Some of the features that hearing aids may offer are:

Sound Directionality

This means that the devices come with a directional microphone and help you understand where the sound is coming from. This help you communicate better with the people who are talking. This is especially suitable in noisy environments as some devices may find it hard to differentiate between noise and speech. This feature will help differentiate but also focus more on the speech in front of you, making it clearer to understand and make it easier for you to have a conversation.

Tinnitus Masker

Tinnitus is known as the buzzing or ringing sound in your ear. With many causes and no cure, hearing aids now come with maskers to help the people who might have Tinnitus. The masker covers the ringing or buzzing sound with other sounds that might be more calming and may actually help you concentrate. This can reduce the other effects of tinnitus such as; headaches or not being able to concentrate.

Wax Guards

Most, if not all devices come with wax guards. Wax is the biggest killer of hearing aids as it can damage in the internal technology of the device. The wax guard ensures that even if there is a wax build up in the ear, then it doesn’t affect the hearing aid. They do need to be changed as part of the clean-up process but the audiologist can show you how that can be done.

Automatic Adaptation

Many premium digital hearing aids come with this automatic adaptation function. What this means is that as your environment and surrounding change, the hearing aid adapts the setting making it easier for you to listen better in any situation. For e.g. if you are in a noisy bar then the setting would adapt to amplify sounds more with focus on directionality, but, if you were to go to a park then the settings would change to pick up even the smallest of sounds such as a chirping bird.

Phone Connectivity

Some of the latest technology of hearing devices can now be connected to phones. What does that mean? Well, it means you can use your phone effortlessly. Phone calls, music and other things can be streamed directly into your hearing aids via a Bluetooth connection or a hearing aid app. You can continue using your phone as normal. Hearing loss shouldn’t affect your daily life.

Different devices offer different features and the premium devices would have all of these and more features. But, whether you decide to go for them or not is dependent on you and your lifestyle. If you are a techie and love using your phone, then you might want some of the features mentioned above. However, if you lead a minimalistic lifestyle and spend a lot of time in quiet places then a more basic device would be perfect for you. It might help to create a diary of your everyday life and see which situations you go into and then choosing a device that would help you in all the situations you are in regularly.