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We're on a mission

We believe that in today's world, everyone should hear well to live well. That's why we're on a mission to advance hearing care and deliver the magic of hearing. Join our team and help people thrive by keeping them happy, healthy, sharp, and connected.

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From tiny start-up to the fastest-growing hearing care company in the world

We've gone from a handful of employees in a tiny Berlin office to over 1300 employees globally in little over a decade. We came to the US in 2015 and have quickly grown offices in both Miami and Denver. With hearing technology moving at the speed of light, we're continuing to expand and innovate to help as many people as possible see the life-changing benefits of better hearing.

Our Values

We put customers first

Our real measure of success is the number of people we make happy with hearing aids.

We work together

All meaningful progress at is achieved by teamwork & collaboration. We give honest feedback so we become better.

We decide with data

Not only do we use our creativity to come up with new ideas, but we also rely on performance metrics to support them.

We go BIG

Everything we spend time on has an opportunity cost, so we rank our tasks by impact and only focus on the most valuable.

We push boundaries

The world is constantly changing, along with our marketing environment and customers. We believe we can help shape the future.

We celebrate success

We are a family at and we celebrate wins as a team. office

One team, one dream

We work in cross-functional teams instead of splitting everyone up into departments. We don't believe in hierarchy, which gives everyone an opportunity to share their ideas and opinions. So whether you're a finance intern or a senior marketing specialist, your voice is heard at

Our office locations - Where do you want to work?

Coral Gables, Florida

Our US journey started in beautiful Coral Gables and this office continues to thrive on the culture that kick-started our growth. You'll find Marketing, Sales and Operations come together in our casual space, in-house game room or at the ping pong table.

Denver, Colorado

Our newest and most innovative office yet, Denver houses our state-of-the-art hearing aid studio and brings together a number of cross-functional teams. With open space, awesome colleagues and breathtaking views of the Rockies, this campus thrives.

Your home office

If you don’t live near our two offices, don’t worry. With today's technology, you can collaborate with colleagues, connect with customers, and have a big impact at while working from the comforts of your home.

Grow with us

To grow the company, it's important to develop our people. With the rate of innovation at, we provide the environment, encouragement, and opportunities to develop both professionally and personally. And we give you the freedom to find your potential.

Employee spotlight

Alonso De Lope Torres

Marketing Manager, Miami

“Working at has been a game-changer for me. The team here is incredibly supportive and always encourage me to bring my best ideas to the table. It's truly an amazing place to work”

Valerie De Armas,

Recruiter, Coral Gables

“I really enjoy the company culture. I am lucky enough to work with a team of driven individuals who consistently push each other to grow and learn, but also make time to have fun and enjoy each others presence”

Evan Browndorf,

Team Lead, Coral Gables

“I love that we are the best. We have the best products in the industry, the best technology, the best customer support, and the best teammates. In addition, I get to work for a company that is flexible and supportive, so I can live my best life.”

Perks and Benefits

Free Snacks and Drinks

We offer a wide variety of snacks, lunch, energy drinks and coffee to help boost your energy.

Casual Attire

Whether you're a suit kind of person, or jeans and t-shirt, we just want you to feel comfortable.

Company Culture

We frequently host team events where everyone gathers to celebrate all our accomplishments.

Benefit Packages

We got all your personal needs covered with our amazing medical, dental, vision and 401k plans.

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