How much do hearing aids cost?

The cost of hearing aids depends on the level of technology in the devices. There are three main technology levels designed to meet the needs of people with mild, moderate, and severe hearing loss. However, there are over 1,000 different digital hearing aids available in the U.S. Many of these devices have different features and designs.

At we sell quality hearing aids from the top manufacturers. Our hearing aids prices range from $799 for a basic device to $3,100 for a premium hearing aid.

To get an accurate hearing aids cost quote, it is necessary to learn more about your hearing loss and your individual needs. We at would be happy to speak with you and help you find hearing aids that fit your lifestyle and budget.

At, the price of hearing aids includes a comprehensive service package! This means you may have the settings on your hearing aids adjusted a few times at no additional cost. What's more? We offer excellent hearing aid consultations. Our hearing aid experts are full of knowledge about hearing loss and are ready to answer any of your questions about hearing aids. 

Hearing aid price comparison

Hearing aid prices*

Category Basic Mid-Range Premium
Price range $799 - $1,600 $1,600 - $2,450 $2,450 - $3,100
Lifestyle Not active Active Very active

*Per device

Premium hearing aids

Premium hearing aids offer the best technology for your ears! The powerful technology in premium hearing aids picks up speech the best and reproduces conversations in crystal clear sound. Premium devices can deal with even the most difficult hearing situations. While the hearing aid’s microphones zoom in on the speaker, the hearing aid also reduces background noise. This combination of amplification and noise reduction makes for a pleasant listening experience. The cost of premium devices is high, but so is the value! These devices provide you with the best sound experience and the greatest convenience.

Common features include:

  • A wide range of styles and colors
  • Automatic adjustments to various listening environments
  • Enhanced 360° spatial orientation
  • Multi-media application (for example, TV or cell phone)



Brief introduction:

Siemens pure 7px

Signia Pure 7px

The Signia Pure 7px is one of the best hearing aids available. The versatile hearing system offers both hearing and wearing comfort. The directional microphones allow you to understand every word while the background noise cancellation fades out loud distractions. Following conversations was never easier. Additional features such as the HD music program bring back the beautiful sounds of nature that you once enjoyed.

Automatic setting adjustment

Premium devices adjust automatically to different environments. The hearing aids are in constant communication with each other, analyzing the present “hearing situation” and adapting to it automatically. For example, your hearing aids will automatically change settings when you go from the car, to the busy sidewalk, to your favorite coffee shop. You could also manually program and store your favorite settings for your most visited places to give you the highest quality sound experiences. This advanced technology is available from all of the hearing aid brands that we sell, including, but not limited to, Signia, Resound, Widex, and Phonak.  

Protect your body

Hearing aids with the most advanced technology provide 360 degree hearing to help people orient in their surroundings. Orienting in space helps people keep their balance as they move about during the day. Hearing aids protect your physical health!

Wireless streaming

Premium devices add convenience to your life as they connect to wireless devices either directly or through a pocket-size, streaming device. Whether you need to listen to your friend over your cell phone or watch your favorite movie on the television, you could wirelessly stream audio from the TV or phone to your hearing aids. Wireless streaming prevents sound interference and optimizes sound reception.

Hearing aid prices for devices in the premium category are between $2,450 and $3,100 per unit. We would be happy to discuss specific hearing aids and their prices during a phone consultation. 

Mid-range hearing aids

The cost of hearing aids for mid-range devices ranges between $1,600 and $2,450 per unit. Mid-range hearing aids include technological features to increase hearing comfort. Speech is automatically recognized and enhanced, and annoying background noise is eliminated. The “directional hearing” feature ensures that sound sources are localized and their position is taken into consideration in the hearing aids’ sound reproduction. Some devices also play back TV or telephone sound directly. Take advantage of:

  • Wireless connectivity with external audio sources
  • Speech recognition and enhancement 
  • Effortless directional hearing

Brief introduction:

ReSound LinX 2

ReSound LiNX²

The ReSound LiNX² is the "made for iPhone" pioneer. Its major advantage: it connects to your iPhone so you can discreetly fine-tune the settings of your device with the help of an app and even make phone calls. This slender hearing aid features an external receiver and it is suitable to manage severe hearing loss.

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Basic hearing aids

Hearing aid prices for basic hearing aids range between $799 to $1,600 per unit. Basic devices provide speech recognition in quieter settings and offer feedback reduction. Integrated feedback suppression enables good hearing comfort with no irritating whistling sounds. A basic hearing aid is quite effective, especially if you spend a lot of time at home. More active people, however, will require a more sophisticated device.

Basic products boast these features:

  • Modern digital technology
  • Hardly any feedback
  • Multiple customizable hearing programs

Brief introduction:

Siemens Smile

Signia Orion

The Signia Orion is a reliable hearing device that will improve your hearing significantly. It is an easy to use device with accessible controls. One of the most impressive features is that the device remembers your favorite settings for the most visited places. After a few weeks of adjusting the settings to fit different listening environments, the hearing devices adjust automatically. 

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fitting of hearing aids

The service

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Comprehensive consultation

You get all-around support and care from our professional hearing aid experts. We can help you navigate through the terrain of hearing aid prices. We will walk you through the entire process – from the first phone consultation up to the day you receive your new digital hearing aids. Then we will provide on-going coaching and support through our Hearing Success Program to help you adjust to your hearing aids during the first 45 days.

People who have hearing loss often forgotten certain sounds and how to distinguish which noises are important. Therefore, people need support adjusting to the devices during the first few weeks. With’s Hearing Success Coach you will have support as you re-learn how to hear sounds in different environments, from home to the park to the office. You would write about, track, and discuss your progress with relearning to hear certain sounds. You could also discuss any inquiries you have about technology - from questions about mobile phone apps to questions about accessories or hearing aid batteries. Over a few weeks time you will re-familiarize yourself to new sounds, learn how to use the new technology and come to love your new digital hearing aids. While the hearing aids cost may be high for your budget, the support you receive is invaluable.

Test hearing aids completely risk-free

We don’t want hearing aid prices to stop you from improving your quality of life. Therefore, we will help you find a suitable hearing loss solution and let you test your devices before committing to buy them. This means, you get 45 days to try your new hearing aids – completely risk-free with a 100% money-back guarantee on your deposit. Remember: the cost of untreated hearing loss is more expensive than the amount of money hearing aids cost.

Access to the top-rated Partner Providers in the country

We have a Partner Provider network consisting of 1,600+ high quality hearing health professionals. We screen and vet all our partners, which is why we only work with the best specialists and audiologists in the country. We have locations all over the U.S., so you will have access to the nearest partner in your area.

Dual-expert consultation approach

We are the only hearing aid company that offers a unique dual-expert approach. With, you have one of our hearing aid experts advising you on hearing aid prices, hearing loss, and more. Additionally, our trusted Partner Provider will fit you with your new hearing devices and adjust them to your personal preferences. In others words, you have two experts on your side, at all times during the process.

Comprehensive hearing diagnostic

Our Partner Providers use state-of-the-art equipment to check your hearing and recommend the perfect devices. The results from your hearing test will give you a clear picture of your current situation.  

Additional services included with your purchase

We will provide you with up to 3 years of warranty on your new hearing aids. Depending on the technology level of your devices, your purchase includes a certain number of complimentary service appointments. This will allow you to enjoy your hearing aids for a very long time.

Personal care

Your hearing aid expert will stay in touch with you by phone and email. Our expert is available for a valuable second opinion and will help you as your personal guide.

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