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We've dared to change hearing care with horizon hearing aids

Never before in this industry have the insights from experts, engineers, and millions of hearing consultations been used to address the unique needs of younger, more active people with hearing loss.

Our fiery passion has driven us to take hearing care to the next level with performance so unique, it will open up a world of adventure and wellbeing you never thought existed. Get ready to open your mind, and your ears, to a hearing experience beyond your wildest imagination.

Horizon hearing aids in box
Woman running with Horizon hearing aids

The first bluetooth hearing aid for younger, active people.

We've combined sleek, sexy and nearly invisible design with cutting-edge features and unparalleled power to create a listening experience that's second to none. More than just a hearing aid, horizon ensures all of life's experiences are within your reach.

Pursue your passions

Meeting your most active needs and delivering awesome performance in any situation. Now you can embrace the freedom to live your best life.

Mile 12 at Dakota Ridge

On site in The Valley

Discovering Audrey is pregnant

Camping in Yellowstone

Surprise dinner for mom

Bird hunting in Virginia

Shopping at the
farmers market

Fishing in Lake Erie

Exploring the history museum

The 18th hole at Pebble Beach

Getting down at
The Boogie Room

Activate your superpowers

Only with horizon are all of life's moments hearable once again. Not only will you hear better, but your youthful edge will help you outperform everyone around you.

Great conversations start with a boost...

Thanks to an unsurpassed Speech Focus with incredibly narrow sound directionality, you’ll be laser-focused on what’s important to you — even in difficult listening environments such as a busy restaurant or conference room. Just tap the app to rise above the crowd — and the noise — and you'll never miss a single detail again.

…and end with ultimate relaxation.

Because sometimes you just need a break. horizon will help you escape the chaos of the day with its ultra-zen Relax Mode that helps you take it down a notch and let it all go with the sounds of the sea. So go on… put your feet up and enjoy the fading ambient sounds to reduce stress and increase mindfulness. You deserve this.

With all the extras you deserve

Nearly Invisible

So tiny, you’ll even forget you're wearing it. Award-winning designs rival the look of the most popular headphones and ear pods today, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting people to notice them.

Connected to all devices

Easily adjust the volume or settings with a tap on your smartphone and never miss a call again. Stream TV shows, podcasts, audiobooks, and phone calls directly with no additional devices needed.

Unrivaled Speech Clarity

horizon’s unique algorithm is clinically proven to deliver an insane level of speech clarity in any environment like meetings, restaurants or parties. So you can keep the conversation flowing, instead of asking for a replay.


Never fumble around with tiny batteries again. And most of all, your schedule is no longer dictated by your hearing aids. Portable charging cases free you up so you can stay on the go.

Smaller, smarter hearing aids

Are you ready to start living your forever young? Nothing is out of reach with horizon.

Mobile charging case

When the case is fully charged, it can charge hearing aids up to three times


Resists moisture, sweat,
dust and dirt

Qi wireless

Charge wireless
without plugs
or cables

Lithium-ion batteries

World’s leading batteries
for an all-day charge
in just 3-4 hours

Dynamic Sound Processing

Delivers natural sound and speech understanding in every situation even when moving

Own Voice Processing

Processes your voice apart
from all others

Acoustic-motion sensors

Measures more aspects of sound with movement to provide natural sound

Directional microphones

Improve speech understanding in noise by focusing on the person in front of you


Transmit clearly from
one hearing aid
to the other

Tinnitus therapy

Five static noise types and four ocean wave signals

Bluetooth connectivity

Direct connectivity to smartphones for phone call
and audio streaming

Smartphone app

Easy-to-use smartphone app that puts you in complete control

And get an additional year of warranty! founders

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