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At hear.com, customer satisfaction is our No. 1 priority. All our services focus on your individual needs. We listen to what you have to say and guide you along the path to better hearing. With the help of hear.com, thousands of happy customers are enjoying the sounds of everyday life once again! So, if you’re curious to know if hear.com is a reputable company, just read what many of our customers have to say about their experience. But first, check out Jim’s story and how he was able to find the best hearing aids with hear.com’s help.

Jim's experience with hear.com


“Several years ago I bought my first pair of hearing aids. They were in excess of $3000.00. They could never seem to get them adjusted correctly. They participated with my insurance company but I had to pay up front and be reimbursed. Only thing was instead of paying me they paid the provider. It took me 3 months to get my money back. These particular hearing aids used tubes to go from the hearing aid to the ear. Uncomfortable but I was promised free tubes for life. The last time I stopped in for tubes they told me they did not make them anymore. So much for promises.

Present: I talked with a friend who told me about his ReSound hearing aids but he was from a different part of the country, so my search began on the internet and I found hear.com. I contacted them and was put in touch with Shanell. She walked me through the process and set me up with a local audiologist. He did an in-depth hearing test, took time to explain where my deficiencies were, and what I could expect. I received my hearing aids, and when I went back, he spent well over an hour reviewing the hearing aids themselves, how to service them, and final adjustments. Through this entire process, Shanell stayed in contact with me, she was excellent! Now I have hearing aids I wear every day! They are comfortable and I can hear again. I really love the fact that I can do adjustments on my smartphone when I am in a situation when it requires so. You still can use the buttons on the hearing aid but I prefer the phone.
I would definitely recommend your company and product to a friend! By the way: ten days later—same batteries!”

– Jim L., 64, Maryland

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