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One of the best ways to learn about hearing devices is to read hearing aid reviews about products from top manufacturers. Today hearing aid technology is advanced and all hearing aids have speech recognition intelligence and reduce background noise. So, how do you decide on a hearing aid? Your decision is based on several factors: your level of hearing loss, the cost, the design you prefer, and the unique features offered by each device. Reading hearing aid reviews is a great way to learn about the technology, design, and additional features each device offers.

Key factors in finding the best hearing aid:

  • Level of hearing loss (determined through the hearing test)
  • Hearing aids cost (dependent on the level of hearing loss)
  • Design for the best comfort
  • Unique features and additions to suit your lifestyle

Hearing aid reviews offer you an insider’s look at the best designs and features of devices.

At, we have insider hearing aid reviews to help you understand the performance of the products. We share this information to help you decide which hearing aids fit your needs. Call us and speak to a consultant!

Best rated hearing aids

Oticon OPN Review

oticon OPN

The Oticon OPN is the first hearing aid that is scientifically proven to reduce the amount of effort expended by the brain during the use of a hearing aid. Aside from its advanced performance, the OPN is also the first hearing aid to feature a fully integrated internet connectivity.

According to Dr. Marco Vietor, founder and managing director of, the OPN is one of the best hearing aid innovation of 2018.

Read a complete review of the Oticon OPN here.

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Phonak Audéo Q review

Phonak audeo q

The Audéo Q is considered Phonak’s signature product. The discreet Phonak Audéo Q models are particularly suitable for first-time users of hearing aids, as this product basically covers all degrees of hearing impairment and is offered in a range of price categories.

Read more about the Phonak Audéo Q.

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Signia Pure review

signia pure

These Signia Pure features make it one of the best hearing aid on the market:

- The SpeechMaster increases important sounds while reducing the background noises

- A Bluetooth connectivity function allows to connnect the hearing aid to other devices

- The Pure has its own Smartphone app so you can adapt it from your phone

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How to find the best hearing aid

The right hearing aid requires the right style, features, and accessories. Most importantly, the right hearing aids must treat your specific hearing loss. Additionally, you need to think about your lifestyle.

Think about what activities you do most:

  • Are you an active person involved in outdoor activities?
  • Do you spend most of the time at home?
  • Do you often have people over your home?
  • Do you need specific hearing aids for meetings?
  • Do you attend many social events?

The answers to these questions will help you select a hearing aid model that works with your way of life. Below you will find a few expert hearing aid reviews of our top-selling and highly-rated products.

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We at are constantly receiving feedback from our satisfied customers about their new hearing aids. Here are two hearing aid reviews from customers who experience better hearing every day with their new devices. If you would like to read more from our customers, make sure to visit our customer experiences page.

Hearing Aids Reviews Customer Agnes

—Agnes M. (age 62), Baker, Springfield

My old hearing aids were five years old when I first saw an ad from about the “iPhone hearing aid”. Prior to calling, I had no idea that an “iPhone hearing aid” even existed. I told the consultant about my lifestyle and needs, and he recommended hearing aids that are compatible with smartphones. During my hearing aid fitting, I tested them with my iPhone. I downloaded the app and played around with the settings until I was satisfied with the sound. I was impressed with how much hearing aids have evolved.

Hearing Aids Reviews Customer Aaron

—Aaron H. (age 51), Sales Representative, Fort Walton

Before purchasing my hearing aids, my wife would constantly tell me to turn the TV volume down. I thought she was just nagging me...that is, until I spoke with a hearing aid expert from about my situation. I told Daniel, my consultant, about some of the difficulties I was facing with my hearing, and he informed me that I might be a candidate for hearing aids. He explained to me that the Widex Unique hearing aids would be a good fit for me. He was right! I had to adjust to the new sounds at first (which Daniel warned me about), but once I got used to it, the quality was amazing! Now, I can watch TV without driving my wife crazy.

Your needs are unique!

There are many different hearing aid reviews. They all aim to help you choose a device that would work perfectly for you. However, it is important to remember, choosing hearing aids is an individual choice and therefore you should have your own hearing aids rating system. You should have a list of things that are the most important to you and then rate each hearing aid on that. The reviews are good for understanding how well each device works for or what the best feature of a device is but whether they are good for YOU, is a question only you can answer. 

Please note, although hearing aid reviews are helpful in choosing the right device, they should never replace your hearing care professional’s recommendation. A customer review is meant to highlight a personal experience with a certain hearing aid model. Since everyone’s hearing situation is different, it is important to remember that reviews reflect the experiences of individuals. Therefore, the best way to find out if a particular hearing aid model is right for you is to test them yourself.

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When making any life-changing decision it is best to do research, speak to experts, and test out the products before making a long-term commitment. At, we provide you with lots of information about hearing aids and hearing improvement. What’s more? We offer support during your risk-free trial to ensure you get the most out of your new hearing aids. Part of the information we offer is hearing aid reviews about the best hearing aids. Since we offer only the latest technology, half of the research is completed for you. Now, you have an opportunity to learn about the most advanced hearing aid brands and devices. Read more to see which devices suit your needs and lifestyle. When it comes to hearing aids, you want to know what the users and experts say about specific brands and models. Hearing aid reviews give a you quick snapshot of what it’s like to wear a particular device. At, we only work with top-of-the-line products, so selecting the right model is easy. Every hearing aid system we offer is top-rated among customers and experts.

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