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At hear.com, we have taken the time to listen to what first-time users said about their new hearing aids. What did we learn? Many people who decide to get hearing aids from a big-box store or directly from a specialist’s office stop wearing their hearing aids after a week or two. Why? Because they were not properly trained to hear the new sounds. They simply bought their hearing aids and were left to themselves to figure out how to use their devices. Furthermore, they did not receive adequate hearing aid service as they adjusted to hearing new sounds.

When people experience hearing loss, their brains stop processing the sounds that are no longer heard. Consequently, when people start using hearing aids, they must retrain their brains to hear certain sounds again. Without knowledgeable and supportive hearing aid service, people often abandon their hearing aids because the sounds confuse or overwhelm them.

To solve this problem, our hearing aid experts created a Hearing Success Program to help customers adjust to their new hearing aids. Whether one is a first-time user or a seasoned hearing aid user adapting to a higher level of technology, one may participate in the program. The Hearing Success Program includes personal support and hearing activities to help people steadily adjust to new sounds.

After working with over 47,000 satisfied customers worldwide, we learned that proper guidance and training is the most effective way to get the most out of your hearing aids. Our Hearing Success Program is a unique program that is not offered by any other major hearing aid retailer. Clients reported that the Hearing Success Program was an invaluable part of the hearing aid service we provided!

30-Day program


Our Hearing Success Program is 30 days long, so people can take their time adjusting to new hearing aids. Over time we have learned that people need a few weeks to adjust to new sounds and feel comfortable wearing listening devices. During this period, clients can start using hearing aids in quiet settings and then work their way into louder settings.

The 30-day, risk-free trial period also gives clients time to return to the Partner Audiologist for adjustments, if needed. A Partner Audiologist will program the hearing aids during the initial fitting, but once people test the hearing aids in different settings they may want to tweak the frequency amplifications. The initial adjustments are free of charge. The free adjustments are just one of the perks people get with our great hearing aid service!

Since today’s digital hearing aids have a lot of advanced features, people may need time to learn how to use all the features. The Partner Audiologist and Hearing Success Coach help people learn these features. Some hearing aids are compatible with iPhone and Android applications. These apps give one greater control over the volume and frequency settings via a large and easy to use screen. When people have questions about how to set up the apps, they simply call, text or email their Hearing Success Coach. During the 30 day, risk-free trial period people also test out different accessories, like wireless streamers, to see which ones they like best.

What’s more? Many hearing aids learn people’s favorite frequency and volume settings for a variety of environments. So, using hearing aids for 30 days gives people a chance to try hearing aids in a variety of settings and experience how the devices adjust automatically.

Easy training sessions

What would it feel like to go to a busy mall during the first week of wearing hearing aids? The amount of new sounds might be exciting, but people with hearing loss need time to differentiate and recognize sounds again. So, the influx of sounds might be overwhelming.

To avoid the stress created by an influx of sounds, we provide our clients with a Hearing Success Guide with activities requiring users to slowly work their way into challenging listening environments. It encourages users to try their hearing aids in familiar settings first and to play around with different features. In the beginning, people practice listening to their own voice and sounds like birds chirping and water running to see how comfortable they are with the new sounds. When using hearing devices, a person’s voice will be amplified and it may seem awkward at first. Reflecting on this experience helps clients become accustomed to the new experience. Reflection and discussion is a key part of our quality hearing aid service!

As people work their way through the Hearing Success Guide, their coach will check in to monitor their progress and trouble-shoot any problems. As people progress through the program, they reflect on their experiences listening in more difficult situations, such as group conversations. For example, people will use the directional microphones to pick up the speaker in loud settings. If people need to discuss their experiences with the directional microphone, then the Hearing Success Coach is a phone call away.

Our Hearing Success Coaches use the guide to monitor clients’ progress. Coaches provide proactive hearing aid service by checking in with clients throughout the trial period and then discussing with the client their evaluation of their hearing aid experience.

Final evaluation of hearing success

At the end of the program, hearing aid users reflect on their hearing successes. Statements for reflection include: I can hear the doorbell or knock at the door and I can hear and understand my conversation partners clearly. People also reflect on how well they hear in group conversations and in public places. Users will also reflect on how accepting other people are of the hearing aids. Often people choose not to wear hearing aids because they do not want to feel stigmatized. Fortunately, digital hearing aids are either invisible or very discreet. This discreetness negates or significantly reduces any feelings of stigma. If people do experience feelings of embarrassment, they could discuss this matter with a supportive Hearing Success Coach

15 extra days to test your hearing aids

We hope that by the end of the Hearing Success Program, people are fully accustomed to their new hearing aids. Furthermore, we would like people to be fully comfortable using the extra features and accessories. To ensure people are completely satisfied, we offer an extra 15 days to try the hearing aids after the formal program ends. If a person is not satisfied with the hearing aids at the end of 45 days, then the person may return the hearing devices for a full refund.

We believe hearing aids have many life-changing benefits, but we want you to see for yourself! Try a risk-free trial today! Experience the most advanced hearing aid technology and the best hearing aid service!

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