Hearing Aid Apps

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All things you need to know

With the latest technology in the market you can connect your hearing aids to your phone via an app and improve your experience. They also help your ears adjust to the hearing aids. These apps aim to connect the phone and the hearing aid so people are able to stream music and answer calls effortlessly with the sound being directly projected in your device, giving you more control. There are hearing aid phone apps for android and iOS so no matter what phone you own, there is an app for you.

The hearing aids that are suitable for the apps can cost a little more than the other hearing aids, however, the app is free. The service the app provides helps you get the most out of your new aids. The app helps you adjust the volume of the hearing aids so you can choose a setting that is right for you. There is also a possibility to choose an audio source for your music and phone calls so you can decide where the sound is projected. One of the best features of the app is that they let you choose a program that is suitable for the environment you are in e.g.; restaurant, outdoor etc.

These apps are easy to use and come with instructions to make the process easy. You could even ask an audiologist to talk you through it and help you connect to your hearing aids. If you are still struggling, you could call one of our professional consultants who can help answer any questions.

Suitable hearing aids

Starkey sells many devices suitable for connecting with apps. The hearing aids are suitable for all levels of hearing loss; from mild to severe.

Phonak has a bigger range of devices that are suitable; Audeo, Bolero and Naida. These can all be used via an app and are all suitable for different levels of hearing loss.

ReSound offers connectivity from most of its Linx range as well as Enzo 3D.

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Apps for all your hearing loss needs

There are other apps out there that can help in different ways. Some of these apps are suitable for IPhone users, others for Android users but they can help in different ways.

Hearing test apps
These apps provide sample hearing tests that you can do to see your level of hearing loss and use as a tool to prepare for the real test. These apps are great and can help with the nervousness before the test. But, if you are still worried then you can ring our consultants who can help you.

Tinnitus apps
These apps can help sufferers of tinnitus with the symptoms such as the constant ringing sound by playing other sounds to help you deal with the noise. There are several apps available for this but it’s important you choose one that is recommended by a qualified audiologist. Tinnitus is a medical condition, therefore, should be dealt with carefully.

Step towards better hearing
There are apps for all hearing loss issues and hearing aid. But remember, hearing loss needs to be dealt with by a professional. Therefore, don’t start using random apps or change things until you have consulted your audiologist because you could make your hearing loss worse. Using the right apps could be your step towards better hearing and make your hearing aids experience much smoother.

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