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  • Enhanced hearing controls and personalization options
  • Improved ease of use and security
  • Captures health data and monitors your hearing aid usage

myPhonak app

Experience a new level of personalized hearing and health tracking with the redesigned myPhonak app for Phonak hearing aids. Seamlessly tailored to your unique needs, myPhonak offers enhanced functionality and a sleek new design. With myPhonak, you gain access to advanced hearing controls and customization options for your Phonak hearing aids. Easily adjust settings such as volume, noise reduction, and microphone directionality to optimize your listening experience in any environment. Choose from preset programs or fine-tune sound quality with customizable equalizer settings, including bass, middle, and treble frequencies.

The Remote Control feature puts you in command, allowing quick adjustments to your hearing aids for different listening situations. Need assistance? With Remote Support, connect with your hearing care professional via live video call for remote adjustments (by appointment).

But myPhonak goes beyond just hearing. In the Health section, track your activity levels, steps*, and wearing time* to stay on top of your well-being. Set personal goals*, monitor heart rate (available on select models), and keep tabs on distance walked and ran. Upgrade your hearing experience and take control of your health with myPhonak—the ultimate all-in-one solution for personalized hearing and wellness tracking.

  • *Available on Paradise Rechargeable, Audéo Fit, and Lumity devices.
  • **Heart rate tracking available on Audéo Fit only.
  • ***Distance tracking available on Audéo Fit and Lumity devices.

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