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Horizon Mini X Hearing Aids by

You’ll hear everything, but they’ll see nothing. As one of the smallest in the world, the Horizon Mini X hearing aid by disappears completely inside your ear while still ensuring brilliant sound and maximum comfort. This incredibly small hearing aid is personalized to your individual needs so you’ll finally be able to hear everything you’ve been missing. developed the entire line of Horizon hearing aids to naturally open up a world of sound to those with hearing loss. All three Horizon hearing aids, including the Horizon Mini X, are helping people stay active and feel younger, longer, thanks to specialized technology developed by world-class engineers. Horizon hearing aids are ultra discreet, extremely powerful, and provide the best natural sound to keep you on the go and hearing life the way it was meant to be heard.

Horizon Mini X benefits and features

Ready to hear the world better? The Mini uses pioneering X platform technology for incredible sound clarity unheard of in a small hearing aid. But these nearly invisible hearing aids go further, boasting extra benefits that deliver a second-to-none hearing experience.

  • Virtually invisible fit: Completely disappears inside your ear, so no one will know your secret.

  • Innovative Speech Focus: Speech is boosted and background noise filtered out with the touch of a button, so you can effortlessly and clearly hear the person speaking to you.

  • Soothing Relax Mode: Reduce background noise and decompress by choosing from an array of soothing natural sounds.

  • Crystal-clear speech understanding: Be an active part of the conversation and never miss a word again, even in environments with lots of background noise.

  • Acoustic motion sensors: Allow this small hearing aid to automatically adapt your hearing environment in milliseconds.

  • Convenient smartphone controls via the Horizon app: Discreetly control your volume, boost speech and settle into Relax mode in seconds right from your phone.

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Horizon Mini hearing aids come in two neutral colors of black and mocha for ultra blending and discretion. But remember, this nearly invisible hearing aid disappears inside your ear so no one will be able to see it unless you want them to.

Is the Horizon Mini X right for you?

Getting the right hearing aid for your needs is vital to your happiness. We’re here to help determine the best hearing aid for your hearing loss and lifestyle. The entire Horizon hearing aid line by meets your most active needs and delivers awesome performance in any situation. And the Horizon Mini is no exception. If you have mild to moderate hearing loss and are looking for a small hearing that offers the best speech clarity and is nearly invisible when you’re wearing it, look no further than the Mini.


Our history

Driven to make hearing care more accessible for everyone around the world, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people over the last decade understand and act on their hearing loss so they can experience a fuller life. Here’s how we’ve grown: story timeline

What makes us different from the rest

Your hearing, health and wellness matter to us. That’s why after millions of consultations, we developed a formula for success to ensure people with hearing loss have the right support and care when making the important investment into better hearing. We discovered that only when you combine best-in-class hearing aids with top professional care can you guarantee the best outcomes for those with hearing loss.

We don’t just give you hearing aids and hope for the best. Our Hearing Success ProgramTM guides and supports you throughout your 45-day trial, one day at a time. It takes about 30 days to get used to new hearing aids, and we’ll be with you every step of the way. We can’t wait to hear you say what our other happy customers say… “I wish I had gotten these sooner!”

Expert ear care near you

Hearing care should be convenient. That’s why our expert audiologists and hearing experts are located right in your neighborhood. We only work with the top 2% of hearing professionals in the country to guarantee your best results. Horizon Mini X hearing aids must be professionally programmed by a professional to make a real difference in your life. Only when you combine superior technology with first-rate professionals will you get the best outcome. We’re here for you!

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